These 2 Boys Were Born The Same Day In The Same Town, But Their Lives Will Be Dramatically Different

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar -- Miranto is 5 years old. He proudly wears his school uniform, a blue smock, along with Mickey Mouse sneakers and a tilted baseball cap. He's been in school for two years, where he's on track and has made dozens of friends. Sitraka is a head shorter than Miranto and looks about half his age. He's not wearing any shoes, and his tiny T-shirt reads "Special Baby Boy." He's still learning to speak and has trouble sitting or standing still for any length of time, which means he can't go to school and has trouble making new friends. Both boys were born in the village of Ambohimidasy Itaosy, about an hour by car outside Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo. They were born on the very same day. But their young lives have diverged already due to a significant difference in the nutrition they received during their first 1,000 days of life, from conception to their second birthday. Whether a child consumes a variety of foods with a diverse range of nutrients can determine much about that child's long-term prospects. While Miranto's family fed him a variety of high-nutrient foods, Sitraka's family was too poor to do the same. Malnourishment has irreversibly harmed the growth of his body and his brain. What Sitraka suffers from now is called chronic malnutrition, or "stunting." Like him, most chronically malnourished children are shorter than their healthier peers. Their immune systems are weaker, leaving them more suscept...
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This study explored the possibility of inhibition of FP2 by SPB3. It turned out that general proteolytic activities as well as specific hemoglobinolytic activity of FP2 have been inhibited by SPB3. Furthermore, studies have been designed to investigate and characterize the mechanism of inhibition in comparison with proteases Cathepsin L (CTSL) and papain. The Ki value of inhibition for FP2, measured against its specific substrate (VLK-pNA), is 338.11 nM and stoichiometry (I/E ratio) of inhibition is 1. These values are comparable to CTSL and papain. Analytical gel filtration profile and CD spectroscopy data confirm FP2-S...
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Conditions:   Pregnancy;   Healthy Intervention:   Behavioral: Supervised physical exercise program Sponsor:   Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Recruiting
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ConclusionCurettage for miscarriage or undesired pregnancy is not exempt from complications, such as hemorrhage, simple perforation, and infection. Intrauterine fallopian tube incarceration is uncommon but can affect fertility. This diagnosis is important to avoid destruction of the fimbriae and necrosis of the tube and also to reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
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ConclusionsA complete surgery is feasible for severe and deep endometriosis with a multicompartmental disease, using a laparoscopic approach aiming to preserve fertility.
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Publication date: Available online 24 June 2019Source: Best Practice &Research Clinical Obstetrics &GynaecologyAuthor(s): Marianna Rambaldi, Eran Weiner, Federico Mecacci, Jacob Bar, Felice PetragliaAbstractPreeclampsia (PE) is an enigmatic syndrome with still unknown etiology and multifactorial pathogenesis. Our understanding of the role of the immune system in PE development has undergone a transformation over the years. From a model based on the alterations in cell-mediated immunity, research moved on to a vision centered on the alteration of the humoral immunity and on the systemic involvement of the inflammato...
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Results suggest environmental factors could play a role in female reproductive healthAir pollution has been linked to a drop in activity of a woman ’s ovaries, researchers have revealed.Experts say the findings suggest the female reproductive system is affected by environmental factors, although the study does not look specifically at the impact of air pollution on fertility.Continue reading...
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It's the first time paternal smoking has been linked to the son's lower sperm in a large study by researchers in Denmark. The dangers of pregnant mothers smoking has long been established.
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via Polák et al, 2019 By Christian Jarrett You may be best advised not to read this article late at night or before you eat. Psychologists at the National Institute of Mental Health and Charles University in the Czech Republic have surveyed a large sample of non-clinical volunteers to gauge their reaction to 24 creatures that are commonly the source of specific animals phobias. The results, published in the British Journal of Psychology, not only contribute to our understanding of animal phobias, but could prove incredibly useful to horror writers. Among the key findings is that spiders were unique in being both int...
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Rachel Molloy was rushed to hospital with stomach pains on April 24. Her daughter, Isabelle, was born via C-section at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, before Mrs Molloy died the next day.
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Why does the most expensive healthcare system on the planet do such a poor job protecting the lives of pregnant women? More important, what can be done about it?
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