Most antidepressants ineffective for children

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   Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, right? That depends on what generation you live in. Today, many people disregard such silly color assignments, or at least go for “gender neutral” colors. But a hundred years ago, all the top fashionistas insisted that pink was a masculine color and blue was feminine. Masculinity has long had an identity complex. How much “girly” stuff can a man enjoy without being viewed as non-masculine? Women have redefined femininity, so why can’t men redefine what it means to be masculine? Listen to this week’s episode and you might begin to underst...
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AbstractPurpose of ReviewPost-traumatic nightmares (PTN) are a common and enduring problem for individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other clinical presentations. PTN cause significant distress, are associated with large costs, and are an independent risk factor for suicide. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment options for PTN exist. A previous review in this journal demonstrated that Prazosin, an alpha blocker, was a preferred pharmacological treatment for PTN and imagery rescripting therapy (IRT) was a preferred non-pharmacological treatment. Since that time, new and important research f...
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This study aims to examine the feasibility of a randomized trial of PSP compared to TAU for people with personality disorder.Trial registrationISRCTN Registry,ISRCTN14994755. Registered on 18 July 2017.
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Conclusion Comorbidity with substance use disorder is often found in patients suffering from bipolar disorder. Clinicians should conduct a thorough assessment of patient history to uncover substance use disorder, as the treatment of one disorder will be incomplete without fully addressing the other.
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 People are constantly labeling people who live with mental illness as dramatic, liars, and actors. Society, in general, often thinks people who live with bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression are being insincere when it comes to their illnesses. The reality is that people with mental illness are often being misleading, just not in the way most people think. They will say they are “fine” when they are not. They say they’ll be okay, when they don’t believe that at all. These people don’t want to lose friends or alienate people, and they are afraid of being judged. By saying they are okay ...
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ConclusionsMental health apps have potentials in improving the monitoring and management of mental health symptoms or disorders. However, majority of the apps that are currently available lack clinically validated evidence of their efficacy. Given the number and pace at which mobile Health (mHealth) apps are being released, further robust research is warranted to develop and test evidence-based programs.
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Authors: Ambrosi E, Arciniegas DB, Curtis KN, Patriquin MA, Spalletta G, Sani G, Frueh BC, Fowler JC, Madan A, Salas R Abstract The habenula is a small midbrain structure that is important for brain signaling and learning from negative events. Thus, the habenula is strongly connected to both the reward system and motor regions. Increasing evidence suggests a role for the habenula in the etiology of psychiatric disorders, including mood and substance use disorders. However, no studies to date have investigated habenular resting-state functional connectivity (rsFC) in suicide-related behaviors (SB). The authors enrol...
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We have reported that, compared to controls, there are lower levels of [3H]LY341495 binding in Brodmann's area (BA) 24, but not BA 17 or 46, from subjects with major depressive disorders (MDD) (McOmish et al., 2016). [3H]LY341495 binding was not altered in those three cortical regions from subjects with bipolar disorders (BD) or schizophrenia. As [3H]LY341495 binds to the mammalian metabotropic glutamate receptors (GRM) 2 and 3 (Johnson et al., 1999; Wright et al., 2001), our data is consistent with the notion that there is a decrease in the total number of GRM2 plus GRM3 in BA 24 from subjects with MDD.
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ConclusionSix ketamine infusions were safe and effective in patients with unipolar and bipolar depression. The rapid and robust antidepressant and antisuicidal effects of ketamine infusion within four hours were sustained following the subsequent infusions.
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 Bipolar disorder is an often misunderstood (and misdiagnosed) disorder. Our guest this week is a psychotherapist who has worked with many individuals with this diagnosis. He discusses the nature of the disease, therapy plans for treatment, and the multi-phase stabilization process. He also talks about the “Grand Bargain” between the bipolar person and his/her family, which helps keep everyone informed. Most importantly, he makes it very clear that bipolar disorder is a very manageable disease that will not prevent someone from leading a stable, satisfying life, on one’s own terms, rather than the term...
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