Molluscum contagiosum of the eyelid: case report in a man receiving methotrexate and literature review of molluscum contagiosum in patients who are immunosuppressed secondary to methotrexate or HIV infection.

CONCLUSION: Molluscum contagiosum is a benign viral papular eruption that frequently affects children and immunocompromised adults. Patients treated with immunosuppressive agents, such as methotrexate, have a heightened risk of developing molluscum contagiosum lesions. It remains to be determined whether adjunct therapy with a tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor increasesthe risk of this viral infection. Diagnosis can usually be established by clinical presentation, although a biopsy is sometimesrequired to exclude other conditions. Molluscum contagiosum is generally self-limiting and often resolves spontaneously within18 months. However, topical (cantharidin) or locally destructive (curettage, cryotherapy, and/or laser) therapy may be indic tedfor patients who are concerned about persistent lesions and for children who are particularly susceptible to autoinoculation. PMID: 27136625 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We describe the case of a 37-year-old man with a 20-year history of psoriatic arthritis. The patient presented with abdominal pain, watery diarrhea with mild hematochezia, and a reported 24-pound unintentional weight loss over the past five months. Of note, the patient began treatment with etanercept five months earlier after discontinuation of infliximab for his psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Colonoscopy with terminal ileum intubation revealed active colitis and intestinal biopsy results showed marked ulcerations and non-caseating granulomas, indicative of CD. Etanercept was subsequently discontinued and the patient was st...
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Clinical Pathologic Mismatch in a TNF-α Inhibitor-Associated Drug Reaction J Drugs Dermatol. 2019 Aug 01;18(8):828-830 Authors: O’Brien KF, Maiman RE, DeWitt CA Abstract A 56-year-old Caucasian male with a history of chronic plaque psoriasis, primary sclerosing cholangitis status-post liver transplant on tacrolimus, and ulcerative colitis on infliximab developed a progressive erythematous eruption with associated fatigue, anorexia, myalgias, and arthralgias. On two separate occasions, his skin biopsy demonstrated a lichenoid interface dermatitis (LID). Despite multiple courses of oral predn...
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Authors: Hall SL, Haidari W, Feldman SR Abstract Guttate psoriasis is an acute subtype of plaque psoriasis characterized by eruption of small, scaly plaques, and papules, 5 to 10 mm in size over the trunk and proximal extremities.1 It often arises in children and young adults concomitantly with or shortly after a streptococcal throat infection or tonsillitis. Patients with chronic plaque psoriasis can also experience guttate flares following streptococcal throat infections.1,2 Controlling guttate psoriasis with topical corticosteroids is difficult to achieve due to numerous widespread lesions. Other treatment optio...
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CONCLUSIONS: Various demographic and socioeconomic factors are associated with use of combination systemic therapy compared to use of systemic monotherapy for psoriasis. An association with commonly used disease severity indices was not observed. RELEVANCE: An understanding of which patients are more likely to be prescribed combination systemic therapy will provide important context for long-term efficacy and safety data as they become available. PMID: 31424705 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Humira is the best-selling medicine in the world and a gold mine for drug maker AbbVie, bringing in $4.87 billion in revenue globally in the second quarter. The drug, which treats rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, costs upwards of $60,000 a year. So it may come as no surprise that Humira is on the list of the 25 most costly drugs for Oregon health insurers in 2018. The combined list is based on the rankings submitted by nine insurance comp anies and takes into account total annual spending,…
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CONCLUSIONS: The PSA and HCP-administered Arabic MUST showed perfect agreement in outpatients with IBD. PMID: 31423521 [PubMed - in process]
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ConclusionsThe dual steristrip technique is a safe and effective needle stabilization method that should be considered by the interventional radiologist in challenging CT-guided bone biopsy cases.
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Publication date: Available online 19 August 2019Source: Pathology - Research and PracticeAuthor(s): Hui Wang, Rani KanthanAbstractAmoebiasis, caused by the intestinal protozoan Entamoeba histolytica, though a relatively common parasitic disease in the tropical and subtropical regions, is uncommon in the developed countries. In these countries, as amoebic colitis shares similar clinical symptoms and endoscopic features with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), these cases can be easily unrecognized and misdiagnosed.In this case report, we discuss the case of an adult patient with invasive intestinal amoebiasis, who was initia...
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This study evaluated the real-world persistence and/or effectiveness of acitretin, ciclosporin, fumaric acid esters, and methotrexate in adult patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis.The British Journal of Dermatology
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Authors: Jeremic J, Stefanovic A, Jeremic K, Jovic M, Pilic I, Cvetkovic A, Stojanovic M Abstract Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is a rare, slow-growing fibro-cutaneous tumor of low to intermediate grade malignancy. It is characterized by local dermal and subcutaneous infiltration, but also with destructive infiltration of the surrounding tissues (muscle, fascia, and bone). The size of the tumor varies from small nodular to large neglected masses. Males and females are equally affected. The tumor is most often localized in the trunk and the proximal extremities. At a molecular level, more than 90% of all DF...
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