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For treating a leading cause of osteoporosis, surgery is better than widely used medications

While most cases of osteoporosis are caused by normal aging, another leading cause of the bone-loss disease is a condition called hyperparathyroidism, in which the parathyroid glands release an excessive amount of a hormone that regulates the body’s calcium levels. Doctors commonly treat hyperparathyroidism using a class of prescription drugs called bisphosphonates, including alendronate (marketed under the brand name Fosamax) and ibandronate (Boniva), which are supposed to strengthen bones. Now, a study led by scientists at UCLA found that those drugs actually increase the risk of fracture, meaning that taking them is worse than doing nothing at all to treat the condition. The research also revealed that patients who have surgery to remove the overactive parathyroid glands have fewer subsequent bone fractures. The report appears in the April 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. About 400,000 people in the U.S. — 1 in 400 women and 1 in 1,200 men — have hyperparathyroidism; and osteoporotic fractures are a major public health and economic burden, said Dr. Michael Yeh, an associate professor of surgery and medicine, and the study’s first author. “Hip fractures in particular are associated with significant rates of mortality, disability and loss of independence,” said Yeh, who also is the chief of endocrine surgery at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. “Before this study, there was no data that compared parathyroid surgery...
Source: UCLA Newsroom: Health Sciences - Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

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Authors: Madueno MC, Dalbo VJ, Guy JH, Giamarelos KE, Spiteri T, Scanlan AT Abstract PURPOSE: To investigate the physiological and performance effects of active and passive recovery between repeated-change-of-direction (RCOD) sprints. METHODS: Eight semi-professional basketball players (age: 19.9 ± 1.5 yr; stature: 183.0 ± 9.6 cm; body mass: 77.7 ± 16.9 kg; body fat: 11.8 ± 6.3%; VO2peak: 46.1 ± 7.6 mL·kg-1·min-1) completed 12 x 20-m RCOD sprints (Agility 5-0-5 Tests) interspersed with 20 s of active (50% maximal aerobic speed) or passive recovery in a randomized...
Source: International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance - Category: Sports Medicine Tags: Int J Sports Physiol Perform Source Type: research
This report documents the first observation of HLH associated with thyroid cancer, and illustrates the need to include imaging of the neck while evaluating patients with secondary HLH for an underlying malignancy.
Source: Journal of Pediatric Hematology Oncology - Category: Hematology Tags: Online Articles: Original Articles Source Type: research
A 17 year old girl presented with a progressively increasing swelling in her neck since 9 months. On examination a2*3 cm, firm, pulsatile swelling was felt in the left anterior triangle. The CT scan of the mass was suggestive of a carotid body tumor and urinary cathecholamines were negative. The mass was excised completely.
Source: Journal of Pediatric Hematology Oncology - Category: Hematology Tags: Morphology Corner Source Type: research
Two extremely upsetting statistics came out not too long ago. Reports have found that not only is there a link between absenteeism in school and mental illness, but there is also a correlation between suspensions from schools and children who have mental or neurological health concerns. These include personality disorders, depression, ADHD, autism and spectrum disorders, and other mental health issues, both treated and untreated. This is a major concern. Rather than recognizing symptoms and reaching out to provide support to the students who need it most, those children are being thrown out of the very environment that wou...
Source: World of Psychology - Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Tags: ADHD and ADD Caregivers Children and Teens Parenting Personal Personality Research Stigma Stress Student Therapist Students Success & Achievement Suicide Coping Skills defiant oppositional Discipline Emotional Disabilities Source Type: blogs
Conclusion Our results showed that H. pylori could destroy the balance between S. mutans and S. sanguinis in oral biofilm, creating an advantageous environment for S. mutans, which became the dominant bacteria, promoting the formation and development of dental caries.
Source: Journal of Applied Oral Science - Category: Dentistry Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE Results indicated that for a 64-slice CT scanner, the optimal protocol for the acquisition of CT images of the dentition in alpacas was a sequential scan with a slice thickness of 1.25 mm. PMID: 29466047 [PubMed - in process]
Source: American Journal of Veterinary Research - Category: Veterinary Research Authors: Tags: Am J Vet Res Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: We report that CSFP is associated with J-wave and slurring ERPs. However, the clinical significance of these changes needs to be clarified. PMID: 29460660 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal - Category: Cardiology Tags: Scand Cardiovasc J Source Type: research
This study seeks to determine whether patients with bilateral thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis were sufficiently satisfied with their surgeries to choose to undergo surgery again. The null hypothesis is that patients are dissatisfied with the results of the first surgery. Out of 46 living patients meeting enrollment criteria, 41 were enrolled and evaluated using the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) score and the Enneking musculoskeletal score. The average DASH score was 17.37. The average Enneking musculoskeletal score was 88.21. Of 41 patients, one expressed unwillingness to undergo the next procedure...
Source: Journal of surgical orthopaedic advances - Category: Orthopaedics Tags: J Surg Orthop Adv Source Type: research
Summary Non‐invasive imaging techniques like X‐ray computed tomography have become very popular in zoology, as they allow for simultaneous imaging of the internal and external morphology of organisms. Nevertheless, the effect of different staining approaches required for this method on samples lacking mineralized tissues, such as soft‐bodied invertebrates, remains understudied. Herein, we used synchrotron radiation‐based X‐ray micro‐computed tomography to compare the effects of commonly used contrasting approaches on onychophorans – soft‐bodied invertebrates important for studying animal evolution. Repr...
Source: Journal of Microscopy - Category: Laboratory Medicine Authors: Tags: Original Article Source Type: research
CONCLUSIONS: EMR for NASDA is effective with a favorable long-term outcome. Local recurrences can be retreated endoscopically. A recall system, patient's compliance to endoscopic follow-up are mandatory to detect recurrences and their prompt treatment. PMID: 29458293 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology - Category: Gastroenterology Tags: Scand J Gastroenterol Source Type: research
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