Embryos with defective cells 'can still develop healthily'

Conclusion This mouse study helps to advance scientific understanding of how some embryos containing a mix of euploid and aneuploid cells develop normally and others do not. This looks to be related to the proportion of euploid and aneuploid cells early on in the cells' development, and their specific location. However, though the researchers saw clear implications for the assessment of embryo vitality in human fertility clinics, this research is at too early a stage to be able to accurately predict outcomes for human foetal development. Follow-up studies in people are needed to test whether this mice observation happens the same way – which isn't guaranteed. The research largely measured successful implantation in mice, but also tested whether this would tell us something about successful live birth rates and subsequent development. These experiments suggested healthy implantation was a good way of predicting healthy development at later stages, at least in mice – a strength of this study. Links To The Headlines No need to abort babies, say Cambridge University don who gave birth to a healthy boy at 44 – despite a test that showed there was a high chance her child might develop Down's Syndrome. Mail Online, March 29 2016 Abnormal cells not a sure sign of baby defects, finds academic who had healthy child at 44 despite risk. The Telegraph, March 30 2016
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Conclusions: This case demonstrates the effectiveness of lifestyle interventions and psychospiritual support to enable dramatic clinical change without withdrawal syndrome after cessation of medication. More important, the initial failed tapering underpins the notion that a diligent meditation practice may be necessary to heal root-cause drivers of psychiatric symptoms and withdrawal syndrome. The results may serve to inform practitioners assisting patients who wish to discontinue benzodiazepine and other psychotropic medications or patients who would like to try a nonpharmaceutical approach as a first-line therapy. PM...
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This study aims to validate this observation. Blood levels of seven cytokines were measured in 120 patients with pSS from the United Kingdom Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Registry and 30 age-matched healthy non-fatigued controls. Patient-reported scores for fatigue were classified acco rding to severity and compared to cytokine levels using analysis of variance. The differences between cytokines in cases and controls were evaluated using Wilcoxon test. A logistic regression model was used to determine the most important identifiers of fatigue. Five cytokines, interferon-γ-induced protein-10 (IP-10), tumour ne...
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[Nigeria Health Watch] "I don't want to be pregnant at this age. I want to continue my education". Says 17-year-old Precious Haruna as she comes out of a patent medicine store in her Karatudu community in Chikum Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State. Precious has come for a counselling session about the injectable contraceptive method she is using. She has just graduated from secondary school and says she is looking forward to her tertiary education. She says she is sexually active and does not want her dream of furt
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This report would examine developments at the state and federal-level, court cases, and current views from stakeholders. Policy Questions Which states have PAS laws and what do those laws provide? What protections against abuse of PAS?What have the Supreme Court and lower courts held regarding individuals’ rights under PAS laws? The laws themselves?Is there evidence that persons with disabilities are being denied treatment by insurance companies but offered PAS instead, as NCD predicted?How is PAS viewed by disability organizations? Has this evolved in the past 13 years? If so why? If not, why?Are persons with disabi...
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