Your Dentist Is More Important to Your General Health Than You May Realize

Most people view their twice-yearly visits to the dentist as little more than a cleaning and a check-up. But in reality, those visits are much more important than you probably realize. That's because your dentist is looking inside your mouth for a lot more than cavities. Plenty of medical conditions -- including some alarming ones! -- manifest in the mouth, which is the part of your body your dentist knows the most about. In fact, it's possible that your dentist is able to alert you of a potentially serious condition long before you even think about going to a primary care doctor. Here's a list of some of the medical conditions that your dentist may detect. Acromegaly When a pituitary adenoma (cancer) occurs, it causes the gland to secrete excess growth hormone. While this hormone is essential for early development, allowing it to go unchecked results in multiple systemic complications, which can eventually lead to death. What your dentist may notice are sudden and increased spacing between your teeth, and the formation of an anterior open bite. Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) The most common inherited bone disease, OI results in a deficiency to produce collagen, resulting in brittle bones prone to fracture. Atticus Shaffer (Brick from ABC's The Middle) has the condition. People are usually diagnosed with OI if they break bones in situations where a person normally would not. However, there are key signs in your mouth a dentist can look for that may provide an early diagnosis....
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Publication date: Available online 21 January 2019Source: International Journal of Surgery Case ReportsAuthor(s): Sunny Dhadlie, Sujith RatnayakeAbstractIntroductionSevere acute pancreatitis is associated with high morbidity and mortality. This is a result of the development of pancreatic and extra-pancreatic necrosis with subsequent infection which can lead to multiorgan failure. Complications include localized ileus, abscess formation, mechanical obstruction, rupture and perforation into the gastrointestinal tract and fistula formation [1,2].Case presentationA 72 year old man attended the emergency department with...
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The objective of this Technical Note is to describe our preferred technique for the primary treatment of AC joint instability in the acute and chronic setting. Using 2 free tendon grafts in combination with a cortical button suspensory device combines the advantages of a nonrigid biologic and anatomic AC and coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction while benefiting from the strength of a cortical suspensory device in resisting displacement of the AC joint.
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ConclusionOur finite element model provides a realistic three-dimensional knee model to investigate the effects of degenerative and radial meniscal tears and resultant meniscectomy on the stress distribution of the knee. The stress was increased in meniscal tears and increased significantly when meniscectomy was performed. Increased meniscus extrusion may explain the mechanism for higher stress on the components of the knee.The translational potential of this articleMeniscal tears are the most common damage associated to the menisci, and meniscectomy is often performed to relieve the pain and instability of the knee. The r...
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