The Zen of Tinnitus Acceptance

In the 1980s I absolutely loved punk rock. I lived in Greensboro, N.C. and struggling punker bands traveling from Atlanta to D.C. for weekend gigs would unload their equipment-filled vans into tiny bars for mid-week performances to pay for gas money for the trip. I would move toward the stage to listen to the raging of tatted, bare-chested men, roaring like aircraft engines, their words almost impossible to decipher. You didn't need to. You didn't listen to this music. You felt it. Now in my late '60s guess what I get? Can you say "tinnitus"? When it first showed up a decade or so ago I began wearing earplugs, closing doors quietly, and avoiding loud noises in the hopes that at least I could prevent further damage and perhaps turn down the volume a bit. It didn't work. The stuff the audiologists suggested didn't work either. Every time I checked, there it was, shrieking back at me. Over a couple of years time period it gradually drove me absolutely crazy. How anyone could put up with this constant, constant, constant noise! For a lifetime! Are you kidding me?! A lifetime! Finally a voice within explained that I had an alternative. "I should just shoot myself," came the voice. "That will stop the noise." "Ah, dude," came a wiser voice, after a brief pause. "That is a suicidal thought." Then -- after years of struggle -- a brilliant and highly creative (not) thought occurred to me. "Uhh, maybe you should apply your life's w...
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Conclusions: Two of the most common symptoms in people living with HIV—fatigue and muscle aches/joint pains—invoke additional burden in women. Independent of aging, symptom burden may be exacerbated after menopause, supporting a shifting paradigm for HIV care management.
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Abstract Suicide is one of the public health problems worldwide, but it lacks regular relevant reporting system. This issue is more important among women who play an influential role in the family and society. Therefore, the assessment of recent relevant studies is important to detect suicide-related factors and to help make the decisions about public health. The aim of the current study was to determine socioeconomic and psychological factors of suicide attempts in Iranian women using a descriptive meta-analysis method. All domestic scientific databases were searched using "suicide" keyword. A search wa...
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In this study, we analyzed the effects of daily light/dark (LD) conditions on depression and other symptoms, and also analyzed the mixed effects of LD conditions and corticosterone treatment. Male adult C57BL/6 mice were treated with corticosterone in a normal LD cycle of 12 hours light and 12 hours dark (LD12 : 12), short day conditions of 6 hours light and 18 hours dark (LD6 : 18), or long day conditions of 21 hours light and 3 hours dark (LD21 : 3). The activity rhythms of mice in aberrant LD conditions were entrained within 2 weeks. After 6 weeks of exposure, several behavioral tests were conducted. Corticosterone indu...
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CONCLUSIONS: Findings of this study did not support the involvement of oxidative stress in the etiology of childhood OCD. PMID: 29927677 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Happy Saturday, beautiful souls! Not feeling too happy? Maybe it’s because you don’t live in a big, bustling city — as one new study suggests. Keep reading for more on that, as well as mental health tips for entrepreneurs, how yoga and meditation could be inflating your ego, why night owls are at a greater risk for depression, and more. Research Claims Living in a Fast-Paced City Is Key to Happiness: For some, staying busy in a bustling environment is beneficial for fostering happiness. The WHO No Longer Sees Transgender as a Mental Illness: The World Health Organisation (WHO) released an updated version ...
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Suppression of reproductive functions in stallions can be of interest for population control in feral horses, for prevention of sexual or aggressive behavior and to eliminate equine arteritis virus in stallions with virus persistence. One approach to suppress reproductive activity is the downregulation of GnRH receptors by continuous exposure to exogenous GnRH agonists such as deslorelin. Deslorelin implants have been developed for long-term depression of fertility and sexual behaviour in male dogs.
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OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this project was to investigate whether there is an association between tinnitus diagnosis and suicide and whether depression and anxiety strengthen that association. Given that tinnitus is the top service-connected disability am...
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By ROBERTO ASCIANO We are living in an age where thousands upon thousands of individuals and companies are trying to find faster, better and cheaper ways to get things done leveraging the latest digital technologies. We are so completely surrounded by efforts to innovate, disrupt and accelerate, that it may come as a surprise to find out that “innovation” has been around ever since our earliest ancestors shed their body hair and started walking upright. Since those early days, our ancestors have sought solutions to their everyday problems and the “technology” they leveraged was whatever the environ...
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The purpose of this project is to investigate whether there is an association between a tinnitus diagnosis and suicide and whether depression and anxiety mediate the association.
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