Understanding the Challenges of Cancer Survivors With Pre-existing Disabilities

We know so little about the cancer experience of people who had a functional limitation, such as fibromyalgia, sensory impairment, polio, and depression, prior to their cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you have completed active treatment for your cancer, I invite you to participate in a study to help us understand how cancer survivors who had a functional limitation before being diagnosed with cancer take care of their health. Your information will help health care providers work more effectively with survivors such as yourself. You can earn $ 25 by completing a questionnaire packet.  If you are over the age of 21 and have completed active treatment, please call us 1-800-687-8010/512-232-3492 or email us at sookjunga@mail.utexas.edu for more information.   Primary Investigator: Heather Becker, Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin. heatherbecker@mail.utexas.edu  This research is funded by National Cancer Institute.  http://www.utexas.edu/nursing/html/research/news/09/cancer.html    10/11/2009
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Irreversible T cell exhaustion limits the efficacy of programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) blockade. We observed that dual CD40-TLR4 stimulation within a single tumor restored PD-1 sensitivity and that this regimen triggered a systemic tumor-specific CD8+ T cell response. This approach effectively treated established tumors in diverse syngeneic cancer models, and the systemic effect was dependent on the injected tumor, indicating that treated tumors were converted into necessary components of this therapy. Strikingly, this approach was associated with the absence of exhausted PD-1hi T cells in treated and distant tumors, while s...
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Active surveillance (AS) has been widely accepted as a first-line management approach in men with low-risk prostate cancer. While AS provides an avenue to reduce risk of overtreatment without compromising oncological safety, there remains a lack of consensus on the optimal approach to monitoring. An ideal surveillance strategy would be one that minimizes invasive testing such as prostate biopsy without conceding adverse oncologic outcomes. Thus, several studies have sought to identify men at higher risk of reclassification so as to more carefully select when biopsy is truly necessary.
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In “National trends in the utilization of androgen deprivation therapy for very low risk prostate cancer,” the authors demonstrate a significant decline in the use of primary androgen deprivation (pADT), for very low risk prostate cancer. By 2015, only 1.7% of men in this population received pADT, representing a furthering of trends witnessed in the early 21st century, and which have been previously described.1,2
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Hi everyone I failed a course by a single question (0.2%) and as a result I have to take a Remediation Exam. The exam is on our Fundamentals Course which is all of the basics sciences. It is 2 days away and I am starting to panic. It is on all of Immuno, all of BioChem, all Anatomy, all Micro, Anti-biotics, Anti-cancers, Anti-fungals, Fundamentals of Pathology, Infectious Disease and pretty much anything you can think of. I have been studying for a month but I feel like I just cant... Remediation Exam
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AbstractObjectiveTo investigate whether pathological changes in elbow epicondylopathy, as assessed by conventional ultrasonography and clinical outcomes, could be modified following tenotomy with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) versus tenotomy with lidocaine.MethodsThis prospective sub-study was part of a patient- and assessor-blinded, superiority-type, randomized, lidocaine-controlled trial that was performed in a tertiary hospital to assess the effectiveness of PRP versus lidocaine as tenotomy adjuvants in patients with epicondylopathy. Patients were followed after two sessions of tenotomy with either PRP or lidocaine adjuvan...
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This study investigates the role of LAMC2 in epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and angiogenesis in CCA and explores the underlying mechanism(s) . Differentially expressed genes related to CCA were initially screened using a microarray analysis, and the interaction between LAMC2 and the EGFR signaling pathway was identified.
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Conclusion The analysis of narratives may offer an idea on the complexity of the perception of care by professionals and on the need for an interdisciplinary follow-up of women surviving an SMM or an MNM episode.Resumo Objetivo Diversos fatores podem afetar a sa úde e a qualidade de vida das mulheres que tiveram um episódio de morbidade materna grave (MMG) ou near-miss materno (NMM). O objetivo do presente estudo foi explorar as perspectivas dos profissionais sobre as repercussões da MMG ou do NMM após terem entrevistados mulheres que sobreviveram a um desses episódios. Métodos Cas...
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Conclusion We found a high economic impact of health care systems treating ICC in a poor region of Brazil. These estimates could be applicable to further evaluations of the cost-effectiveness of preventing and treating ICC.Resumo Objetivo O objetivo principal do presente estudo foi estimar os custos anuais por paciente do tratamento do c âncer do colo do útero (CCU) invasivo em um centro de oncologia no Brasil, sob a perspectiva da sociedade, considerando os custos diretos médicos, diretos não médicos e indiretos. Métodos Foi realizado um estudo descritivo de análise de custo...
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Conclusion The role of OB-GYNs and of OB-GYNs ONCO appears to be complementary. Obstetricians and gynecologists actmore often in screening and prevention and in low-complexity surgical procedures, whereas OB-GYNs ONCO are more involved in highly complex cases. Strategies to raise standards in cancer training and to encourage the recognition of gynecologic oncology as a subspecialty should be adopted in Brazil.Resumo Objetivo Opresente estudotemcomo objetivo obter informa ções demográficas básicas, o nível de interesse e de treinamento em ginecologia oncológica entre obstetras e gin...
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