Craniofacial features of patients with sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait.

Conclusion: Patients with SCA and SCT exhibited characteristics of Class II skeletal pattern because of mandibular retrusion. Most patients showed no compensatory maxillary expansion, which was determined by the normal jaw length and absence of maxillary protrusion. PMID: 24592905 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Conclusions: Fractal analysis may be used and recommended for evaluation of the bone changes induced by hemoglobinopathies.
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​Everyone who works with me knows that I love joint radiographs, and the wrist is my favorite. It was no surprise when I came on shift that someone exclaimed, "I have an x-ray for you. I bet you will know exactly what it is! This 30-ish-year-old lady came in with atraumatic wrist pain."I did know exactly what it was. My eyes were drawn to the lucent lunate target. The patient was still in the ED, so I went to examine her hand. She had increased pain when I walked my fingers proximally down the metacarpal, which dipped into the carpal space. She was also not a fan of volar flexion or dorsiflexion. It made sense....
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CONCLUSIONS : Pediatric patients with sickle cell anemia with hip dysfunction present a prevalence of 39.4 % of osteonecrosis of the femoral head. This was associated with a longer time of diagnosis (97 months), previous trauma in 92 % of patients, and a mean Charnley score of 15 points. Also, an association with lower rate of fetal hemoglobin (7.2 versus 11.8) was found, which supports the hypothesis that fetal hemoglobin may function as a protective factor against avascular necrosis. PMID: 30137181 [PubMed]
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LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog LITFL • Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog - Emergency medicine and critical care medical education blog aka Tropical Travel Trouble 007 When you think tropical medicine, malaria has to be near the top. It can be fairly complex and fortunately treatment has become a lot simpler. This post is designed to walk you through the basic principals with links to more in depth teaching if your niche is travel medicine, laboratory diagnostics or management of severe or cerebral malaria. If you stubbled on this post while drinking a cup of tea or sitting on the throne and want a fe...
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AbstractSurface defects have a central position in diagnosis of articular pathology. Recognizing the limitations of standard radiologic techniques and those imposed by positioning and averaging artifacts on CT evaluation, direct visualization of surface defects was pursued to identify disease characteristics that would facilitate interpretation of radiologic findings. Epi-illumination surface microscopy was utilized to examine macroscopically recognized articular surface defects in individuals in the Hamann-Todd, Terry, and Huntington human skeletal collections with previously verified diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis, sp...
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ConclusionPulp calcification and external resorption of the root were the most frequent dental alterations in sickle cell anaemia group, while in trait was higher frequency of changes in shape, size, periapex and root. Jaw bone changes were most prevalent in both homozygous and heterozygous subjects.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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Conclusions The prevalence of jaw changes is higher in individuals with SCA.
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Discussion One of the most common problems in pediatrics is anemia. It is defined as “a lower than normal value for the related measurements of hemoglobin, hematocrit, and number of red blood cells”, usually 2 standard deviations below the normal for age. Normal hematological values change with age. For a discussion of which values are used click here. The most common type of anemia in childhood is iron deficiency which is commonly caused by inadequate stores (e.g. premature infant), inadequate intake (e.g. poor nutrition) or blood loss (e.g. menses). Anemia screening is recommended at age 9-12 months, and for...
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Conclusions The prevalence of jaw bone changes is higher in SCA individuals.
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This study was conducted in fall season. Children with history of previous abdominal surgery, any systemic illness including sickle cell anemia were excluded. Children with constipation were placed in case group. Subjects without constipation were placed in control group. Subjects without exclusion criteria were examined by physician who is blind to aim of the study. Careful history and physical examination was done. Demographic features, history of gastrointestinal problem, duration of abdominal pain, defecation habit, stool consistency (loose, hard), and results of physical examination were recorded. Rome III criteria wa...
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