Helplessness and the analyst's war against feeling it.

HELPLESSNESS AND THE ANALYST'S WAR AGAINST FEELING IT. Am J Psychoanal. 2016 Mar;76(1):1-17 Authors: Hoffer A, Buie DH Abstract In our view helplessness is a primal, often intolerable feeling. It underlies and intensifies other feelings that are also hard to bear. Both analyst and patients face helplessness, and both resort to defenses, often intensely, in order to avoid it. The intensity of this battle can merit calling it a war. The analyst's war is conducted using distancing, anger, blaming and disparaging as well as by intellectualizing the patient's struggles. Patients then find themselves abandoned and helplessly alone. We analysts, of course, want not to fall into the trap of war, and we try to free ourselves from waging it. A major way we accomplish this is through continuously working, often with the help of analysis and self-analysis, to increase our capacity to maintain our emotional stability in the face of these intensities. We learn to find new forms of awareness, beyond words and ideas. It requires a new understanding of what is threatening to us, which fosters a deeper capacity to empathize with the patient. This helps us to find the psychic, physical and emotional space within ourselves in which to hold our helplessness and other profound affective experiences. In this way we become an increasingly steady resource for our patients as well as for ourselves. PMID: 26912242 [PubMed - in process]
Source: American Journal of Psychoanalysis - Category: Psychiatry & Psychology Authors: Tags: Am J Psychoanal Source Type: research

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