Nigeria: Country Loses Over U.S.$28 Billion to Birth Tourism Annually

[Leadership] Nigeria loses over 28 billion United States dollars annually to medical tourism, and risks losing more this year, as over 23 percent of pregnant Nigerian women insist on having their children abroad, in spite of the stern warning by the Ministry of Health that babies of pregnant travellers to the United States and Latin America, risk contracting the deadly Zika fever.
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CONCLUSION: For a cohort of New York City women, antenatal Zika virus infection was associated with an increased risk of having an SGA neonate, but not preterm birth or lower mean birth weight of term neonates. This supports a putative association between Zika virus infection during pregnancy and SGA. PMID: 31698388 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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th Du Chen Zika virus (ZIKV) infection during pregnancy leads to severe congenital Zika syndrome, which includes microcephaly and other neurological malformations. No therapeutic agents have, so far, been approved for the treatment of ZIKV infection in humans; as such, there is a need for a continuous effort to develop effective and safe antiviral drugs to treat ZIKV-caused diseases. After screening a natural product library, we have herein identified four natural products with anti-ZIKV activity in Vero E6 cells, including gossypol, curcumin, digitonin, and conessine. Except for curcumin, the other three natura...
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ConclusionStudies of vaccines against ZIKV are progressing positively, and in their designs, modifications of the antigens are being considered so that they do not cause cross reactions with other flaviviruses that can cause complications in people previously exposed to other flaviviruses
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Research suggests a new way that Zika infection in mice promotes microcephaly
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Authors: Wilder-Smith A, Preet R, Brickley EB, Ximenes RAA, Miranda-Filho DB, Turchi Martelli CM, Araújo TVB, Montarroyos UR, Moreira ME, Turchi MD, Solomon T, Jacobs BC, Villamizar CP, Osorio L, de Filipps AMB, Neyts J, Kaptein S, Huits R, Ariën KK, Willison HJ, Edgar JM, Barnett SC, Peeling R, Boeras D, Guzman MG, de Silva AM, Falconar AK, Romero-Vivas C, Gaunt MW, Sette A, Weiskopf D, Lambrechts L, Dolk H, Morris JK, Orioli IM, O'Reilly KM, Yakob L, Rocklöv J, Soares C, Ferreira MLB, Franca RFO, Precioso AR, Logan J, Lang T, Jamieson N, Massad E Abstract Zika Preparedness Latin American Network ...
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In this study, full-term placentas from three women, each infected with ZIKV during specific pregnancy trimesters, were harvested for anatomic, immunologic and transcriptomic analysis. Each woman exhibited a unique immune response with raised IL-1RA, IP-10, EGF and RANTES expression, and neutrophil numbers during the acute infection phase. Although ZIKV NS3 antigens co-localized to placental Hofbauer cells, the placentas showed no anatomical defects. Transcriptomic analysis of samples from the placentas revealed that infection during trimester 1 caused a disparate cellular response centered on differential eIF2 signalling,...
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Adenovirus Vector-Based Vaccines Confer Maternal-Fetal Protection against Zika Virus Challenge in Pregnant IFN-αβR-/- Mice. Cell Host Microbe. 2019 Oct 22;: Authors: Larocca RA, Mendes EA, Abbink P, Peterson RL, Martinot AJ, Iampietro MJ, Kang ZH, Aid M, Kirilova M, Jacob-Dolan C, Tostanoski L, Borducchi EN, De La Barrera RA, Barouch DH Abstract Maternal infection with Zika virus (ZIKV) can lead to microcephaly and other congenital abnormalities of the fetus. Although ZIKV vaccines that prevent or reduce viremia in non-pregnant mice have been described, a maternal vaccine that provides comp...
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B. Salvesen von Essen et al.
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Ceccaldi Vidy Zika virus (ZIKV) belongs to the large category of arboviruses. Surprisingly, several human-to-human transmissions of ZIKV have been notified, either following sexual intercourse or from the mother to fetus during pregnancy. Importantly, high viral loads have been detected in the human breast milk of infected mothers, and the existence of breastfeeding as a new mode of mother-to-child transmission of ZIKV was recently hypothesized. However, the maternal origin of infectious particles in breast milk is currently unknown. Here, we show that ZIKV disseminates to the mammary glands of infected mice after ...
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