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In this study, researchers wanted to see why this is and if there could be any human applications. Researchers collected white blood cells from African and Asian elephants. They found elephants have at least 20 copies of a gene called TP53. TP53 is known to encourage cell "suicide" when DNA is damaged, stopping any potential cancer in its tracks. In contrast, humans are thought to have only a single copy of the TP53 gene. Of course the big question – the elephant in the room, if you will – is how we can boost TP53 activity in humans to stimulate a similar protective effect. The simple answer is: we don't know. Yet. Researchers 'a step closer' to universal flu vaccine It just like buses. You wait years for a potential universal flu vaccine then two come along at the same time. In August two studies were published, both on the possibility of creating a “one-size jab” for the flu. The flu virus is shaped like a ball, with many "spikes" sticking out of its surface made of a chemical called haemagglutinin. The "stem" part of this spike does not change as much as its tip or other parts of the virus, so both of these studies aimed to develop a vaccine that targeted the stem. Targeting these areas may help keep the vaccines effective even if new strains come along. Both vaccines were able to protect mice against what would usually be a lethal dose of flu, and one vaccine reduced fever symptoms in monkeys. While the results were e...
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(MedPage Today) -- Intervention doubled peak oxygen consumption
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Dementia symptoms and signs are often related to a decline in brain function. There is no cure for the condition, but some treatments may help slow the progression. You should look out for these nine early warning signs of Alzheimer ’s disease, the most common form of dementia.
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Authors: Jing LW, Zhang C, Jin F, Wang AP Abstract BACKGROUND There is a great need for a quality of sexual life questionnaire (QVS) in breast cancer survivors (BCSs) based on the Chinese social culture since the imported tools lack localization verification. To develop a QVS in BCSs and determine its validity and reliability. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the qualitative study, a total of 21 BCSs were interviewed by purposive sampling and snowball sampling; and in the quantitative study, a total of 249 BCSs, who were admitted and received outpatient follow-up, were investigated. Regarding construct validity, factor anal...
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One of the biggest challenges Alzheimer's Caregivers face is how to communicate effectively with someone living with Alzheimer's disease. This challenge is particularly difficult when a person living with dementia becomes nasty and mean.By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomAt the beginning, my mother turned meaner than a junkyard dog.She said mean and nasty things to me every day.This was new. My mother had never engaged in these behaviors with me before.What is the Difference Between Alzheimer ’s and DementiaI had a leg up on this one because I studied communication in college and graduate school.Subscribe to the A...
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CONCLUSIONS: The present study provides practical information for implementing the GermanIMPACT model. Thus, specific recommendations for implementation into standard care can be derived. PMID: 29907445 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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The study of 32,000 nurses is the largest ever to look at the link between depression and chronotype. → Enjoying these psych studies? Support PsyBlog for just $4 per month (includes ad-free experience and more articles). → Explore PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: NEW: Accept Yourself: How to feel a profound sense of warmth and self-compassion The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do
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You’re struggling with anxiety. Maybe you had your first panic attack when you were in high school while taking a final. Maybe you had a panic attack in college while driving or grocery shopping. Maybe since then you’ve been having panic attacks regularly. Maybe it’s not panic attacks at all. Instead you’re constantly on edge. If they gave out medals for worrying, you’d no doubt take first place. Everything makes you anxious and uncomfortable. And it’s absolutely exhausting. Whatever the specific circumstances surrounding your anxiety and how it manifests, you feel like a complete and ut...
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Authors: Elías-Boneta AR, Toro MJ, Rivas-Tumanyan S, Rajendra-Santosh AB, Brache M, Collins C JR Abstract OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence, severity, and associated risk factors of gingival inflammation in a group of adults from Kingston, Jamaica; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. METHODS: In this representative cross-sectional study, participants completed medical and oral health questionnaires and received an oral clinical examination by trained and calibrated examiners. Clinical assessments included: gingival health (modified Löe-Silness index), visible plaque and...
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In this study, we generated baseline information fundamental to developing a successful control program by estimating the stray cat population size, density, and spatial distribution. Furthermore, we quantified the number of neutered cats and developed a spatial database to include information about the external physical condition of each individual. We estimated a population of 178 (±21) cats, with a density of 3.6 cats/ha. Overall, we observed 209 cats, from which 149 (71%) were identified as new and 60 (29%) were recaptured. We found stray cats had a significant non-random and clustered spatial distribution (z-sc...
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Authors: Turhan E, Yasli G Abstract OBJECTIVE: The present study was performed to detect cancer risk of the midwifes and nurses playing central role in raising awareness in the society using Gail's model. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sample of the present cross sectional study consists of 750 volunteer midwifes and nurses in 2016. Breast cancer risk was calculated using the Gail Risk Assessment Tool. Perceived and calculated risk levels were compared. Descriptive statistics and Chi-Square analysis, t-test, Multivariate Linear Regression Analysis, the Logistic Regression Analysis were conducted. RESULTS: A mean of...
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