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Behind the Headlines' Top Five of Top Fives 2015

In this study, researchers wanted to see why this is and if there could be any human applications.Researchers collected white blood cells from African and Asian elephants. They found that elephants have at least 20 copies of a gene called TP53. TP53 is known to encourage cell "suicide" when DNA is damaged, stopping any potential cancer in its tracks. In contrast, humans are thought to have only a single copy of the TP53 gene.Of course the big question – the elephant in the room, if you will – is how we can boost TP53 activity in humans to stimulate a similar protective effect. The simple answer is: we don't know. Yet. Researchers 'a step closer' to universal flu vaccineIt's just like buses. You wait years for a potential universal flu vaccine, then two come along at once. In August, two studies were published, both on the possibility of creating a "one-size jab" for flu.The flu virus is shaped like a ball, with many "spikes" sticking out of its surface made of a chemical called haemagglutinin. The "stem" part of this spike does not change as much as its tip or other parts of the virus, so both of these studies aimed to develop a vaccine that targeted the stem. Targeting these areas may help keep the vaccines effective, even if new strains come along.Both vaccines were able to protect mice against what would usually be a lethal dose of flu, and one vaccine reduced fever symptoms in monkeys.While the results were encouraging, ...
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Spark's first product, Luxturna, was approved by the FDA in December to treat an inherited retinal disorder that leads to blindness if untreated. The first patients have been treated with the gene therapy, which is now available at a select group of medical centers.
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Abstract The goal of this editorial is to equip readers with opioid education resources that enable you to role model what it looks like to speak out about addiction. How are we doing as a profession speaking up about addiction? Stigma is commanded by a deep irony: where peer pressure is what likely keeps us quiet, peer support is what enables us to speak up. The "#MeToo" movement is an extraordinary example of the inertia needed to break open a taboo topic. From Hollywood celebrities to US women's gymnastics stars, it was clear that as more women spoke up about sexual harassment, well, the more women sp...
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CONCLUSION: Our systematic review identified factors that might help improve the fidelity and acceptability of PYD interventions. Addressing these might enable PYD to fulfill its potential as a means of promoting health. PMID: 29667497 [PubMed - in process]
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As the nation’s opioid epidemic rages on, the federal agency charged with leading the government’s response to substance abuse is changing the way it helps local communities. But critics say the move risks leaving programs with fewer resources until the new plan is in place. The controversy began in January with a low-key announcement by the […]Related:E. coli outbreak spreads as source of tainted lettuce remains a mysteryFirst marijuana-derived drug poised for FDA approval after winning support from advisersHave you or someone you know waited too long for an organ transplant?
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A doctor who suggested that a popular, alcohol-based tonic was dangerous was held for nearly 100 days. He emerged as a public hero.
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Conclusion: Our case report underlines the importance of active endoscopic surveillance of the remaining colon and rectum in patients with diverting stomas and inflammatory bowel disease in order to detect stenosis. If endoscopic control is not possible due to obliteration, surgical therapy must be discussed due to the risk of developing cancer.Case Rep Gastroenterol 2018;12:143 –146
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Type 2 diabetes is a pandemic disease with an incidence that has risen steadily over recent decades. Experimental evidence in animals has demonstrated that intestinal bypass surgery of the upper small intestine, particularly the duodenum, has an important role in glucose homoeostasis. Furthermore, Roux-en-Y bypass performed as bariatric surgery has shown to correct hyperglycaemia from the first postoperative days in obese diabetic patients. Therefore, on the basis of these considerations, duodenal mucosal resurfacing was studied in type 2 diabetes patients as a minimally invasive procedure that could offer an alternative t...
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Conclusions: This study is the first nationwide study presenting an increase in incidence of EP-NEC patients from 196 to 260 cases annually in the Netherlands. We found the best 5 year relative survival to be for EP-NEC patients with local disease located in the bladder, where the worst 5 year relative survival was found in the oesophagus.
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DEMENTIA can be a stressful and costly process for all those involved, so it is important to know what type of dementia is affecting the person with the condition. Dementia with Lewy Bodies is one of them.
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