Thinking About Pregnancy? Think About Your Thyroid!

Fertility specialists have long noticed a relationship between thyroid disorders and reproductive health issues including irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant, and multiple miscarriages early in pregnancy. During Thyroid Awareness Month and with new research, it's worth knowing about a not uncommon and treatable problem that may be affecting your plans for a new family. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) or overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) may be present even in healthy young women and can affect reproduction at every stage from conception, poor fetal growth, premature birth and stillbirth. Not having enough thyroid hormone, for example, may affect ovulation and embryo development. It may also signal an underlying autoimmune disorder that affects fertility. New research published in January found the 2.3 percent of women with fertility problems had an overactive thyroid compared to 1.5 percent of the general population. While the research did not prove a cause and effect relationship, the report's authors suggest testing for thyroid disease should be considered for women experiencing fertility issues. The research confirms the experience of reproductive endocrinologists such as Tomer Singer, M.D. of Lenox Hill in New York City who over the past two decades has noticed problems for women with an under-or-overactive thyroid. He and other fertility specialists support routine screening for thyroid problems at the start of trying to get pregnant -- especially i...
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ConclusionWe suggest educating patients and physicians to recognize changes in thyroid function and close monitoring of unclear cases of overt hyperthyroidism.
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New research is shedding light on calorie consumption and calorie burning in early pregnancy in women with obesity, which could inform strategies to promote healthy gestational weight gain and reduce racial disparities in pregnancy outcomes. 
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Publication date: April 2019Source: Annals of Emergency Medicine, Volume 73, Issue 4Author(s): Kiran K. Gudivada
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The objective of the study is to explore differences of beta-blocker regimens (vasodilating vs. non-vasodilating beta-blockers) for substrate oxidation during in high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) in chronic heart failure and reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF). Eighteen CHF males (58.8 ± 9 years), 8 under use of β 1 specific beta-blockers+alfa 1-blocker and 10 using β 1 non-specific beta-blockers, were randomly assigned to 4 different HIIE, in a cross-over design. The 4 protocols were: 30 seconds (A and B) or 90 seconds (C and D) at 100% peak power output, with passive (A and C) or active recovery ...
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Conclusions: tTGIgA were increasingly tested, while the rate of positive results decreased in recent years, possibly reflecting the impact of current alimentary trends on clinical practice. Associated autoimmune disease was frequently found in CD. High levels of tTGIgA accurately predicted CD diagnosis. WA was rarely investigated and deserves more attention, in particular in children with atopic background. WA does not seem to be associated with CD.Int Arch Allergy Immunol
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