Development and characterization of three novel monoclonal antibodies against CA-125.

We describe here the generation and characterization of three novel hybridoma cell lines producing MAbs against CA-125. CA-125 purified from culture supernatant of ovarian carcinoma cell line OVCAR-3 by affinity chromatography, was used for immunization of BALB/c mice. Three stable cell lines (3C8, 2B6, and 5A12) were selected for production of antibodies against CA-125 and were expanded in mass culture. All three antibodies were shown to recognize linear epitopes. Antibodies 2B6 and 5A12 were determined to recognize epitope cluster B (M 11-like); MAb 3C8 was classified as group A-epitope binders (OC 125-like). The antibodies produced may be used for the development and improvement of CA-125 immunoassays. PMID: 25357999 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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ConclusionsBTLA detected in cancerous tissues can predict poor outcome of EOC patients. Inhibition of BTLA combined with chemotherapy can elevate immune activation and generate potent anti-tumor effects. Thus, the combination of chemotherapy and anti-BTLA antibody may hold potential clinical application for the treatment of EOC patients.Trial registrationThe Trial Registration Number wasNCT00854399.
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ConclusionsOur data indicate that CALR levels in primary and metastatic HGSC samples have robust prognostic value linked to the activation of clinically-relevant innate and adaptive anticancer immune responses.
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T-cell-based immunotherapy strategies have profoundly improved the clinical management of several solid tumors and hematological malignancies. A recently developed and promising immunotherapy approach is to redirect polyclonal MHC-unrestricted T lymphocytes toward cancer cells by bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) that engage the CD3 complex and a tumor-associated antigen (TAA). The TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 2 (TRAIL-R2) is an attractive immunotherapy target, frequently expressed by neoplastic cells, that we decided to exploit as a TAA. We found that a TRAIL-R2xCD3 bsAb efficiently activates T cells and spe...
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CONCLUSION: In the last decade, promising biomarkers have been validated and lead to new therapeutic strategies with PARP inhibitors, immunotherapy and anti-angiogenic agents. Biomarkers such as BRCA, homologus recombination defect (HRD), immuno-markers (CD8, PD-1, PDL-1), KRAS and PR, are now used in clinical trials. Other: Assessment of genetic variants will soon represent the standard-of-care in gynecological cancers, not only to diagnose the disease but also to assist the prediction of clinical behavior of tumors and support personalized medicine to match patients with appropriate targeted therapies, improving treatmen...
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This report describes a patient whose presenting complaints were “Physical examination showed that the pancreas was occupied for one month.” He initially was diagnosed with stage IV PC based on conventional imaging and pathologic assessment. He had a known germline BRCA 2 mutation, which exhibited a good response to PARP inhibitor therapy. Diagnosis: Through the biopsy histopathological examination, imaging examination, and genetic testing, the patient was diagnosed as metastatic PC with BRCA2 mutation. Interventions: He received gemcitabine and albumin-bound paclitaxel chemotherapy from March 15, 2017 to...
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In this study, HER2 and MUC1-based peptides were synthesized and preclinically evaluated in an effort to develop peptide-based SPECT radiopharmaceuticals derived from tumor-associated antigens for the detection of breast cancer. Our findings demonstrate that the tumor antigen peptides radiolabeled efficiently with 99mTc and showed high metabolic stability in human plasma in vitro. The data from breast tumor cell binding confirmed the high affinity (in low nanomolar range) towards respective breast cancer cell lines. In healthy mice, 99mTc-labeled peptides displayed favorable pharmacokinetics, with high excretion by the ren...
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Conditions:   Fallopian Tube Carcinosarcoma;   Fallopian Tube Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma;   Fallopian Tube Transitional Cell Carcinoma;   Fallopian Tube Undifferentiated Carcinoma;   Germline BRCA1 Gene Mutation;   Germline BRCA2 Gene Mutation;   High Grade Fallopian Tube Serous A denocarcinoma;   High Grade Ovarian Serous Adenocarcinoma;   Ovarian Clear Cell Tumor;   Ovarian Seromucinous Carcinoma;   Ovaria...
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In this study, we focused on the association between the tumor expression of IL‑33 and ovarian peritoneal carcinomatosis. We used an immunosufficient murine model of peritoneal carcinomatosis and human EOC samples. The overexpression of IL‑33 in the ID8 mouse EOC cell line tumors significantly prolonged the survival of immunocompetent mice in the peritoneal carcinomatosis setting, but not in the subcutaneous model. In addition, the silencing of IL‑33 in ID8‑T6 cells (subclone with high dissemination potential) significantly shortened the survival of the tumor‑bearing mice. This was likely due to the intratumoral ...
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Authors: Chai SJ, Ahmad Zabidi MM, Gan SP, Rajadurai P, Lim PVH, Ng CC, Yap LF, Teo SH, Lim KP, Patel V, Cheong SC Abstract Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is a highly metastatic cancer prevalent in Southern China and Southeast Asia. The current knowledge on the molecular pathogenesis of NPC is still inadequate to improve disease management. Using gene expression microarrays, we have identified the four-jointed box 1 (FJX1) gene to be upregulated in primary NPC tissues relative to nonmalignant tissues. An orthologue of human FJX1, the four-jointed (fj) gene in Drosophila and Fjx1 in mouse, has reported to be associa...
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A phase I/II trial tested the combination of niraparib and pembrolizumab in patients with recurrent ovarian carcinoma.
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