Men: Watch Out for Male Menopause

Women are not the only ones who end up developing menopause later in life. That's right -- men get menopause too. When men get menopause, it is actually called andropause. The symptoms of andropause are quite similar to the symptoms that women experience before or during menopause. So what is andropause? Andropause is a gradual decline in testosterone. However, this is different from the type of menopause women go through. Menopause in women occurs when the production of hormones suddenly declines. This differs from andropause in that the hormone decline is gradual. In women, the ovaries run out of what it needs to make testosterone. This does not happen when it comes to the male's testicles. Therefore, andropause is often treated by looking at the condition as having low testosterone, which occurs with age. Men's testosterone levels gradually decline as they get older. This happens about one percent a year after the age of 30 on average. The decline in testosterone is often not noticeable in men younger than 60. Once a man is about 80 years old, about 50 percent have low testosterone. In the past, having low testosterone levels has been thought of as somewhat a controversial topic. This is due to the fact that the symptoms of low testosterone are often seen with other conditions, such as diabetes. If low testosterone symptoms are occurring as a result of an underlying health condition, then it is important to treat that underlying condition rather than just try to normali...
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