Thyroid dysfunction and thyroid autoimmunity in euthyroid women in achieving fertility.

CONCLUSIONS: Further randomized trials are needed to expand our knowledge of physiologic changes in thyroid function during the pregnancy and to reveal mechanisms by which thyroid autoimmunity in euthyroid women affect fertility, especially the success of assisted reproductive technology in achieving the same and validity of levothyroxine administration in thyroid autoimmunity positive women. PMID: 25855922 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Source: Pharmacological Reviews - Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Tags: Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci Source Type: research

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Abstract Type I interferons (IFNs) facilitate cancer immunosurveillance, antitumor immunity and antitumor efficacy of conventional cell death-inducing therapies (chemotherapy/radiotherapy) as well as immunotherapy. Moreover, it is clear that dendritic cells (DCs) play a significant role in aiding type I IFN-driven immunity. Owing to these antitumor properties several immunotherapies involving, or inducing, type I IFNs have received considerable clinical attention, e.g., recombinant IFNα2 or agonists targeting pattern recognition receptor (PRR) pathways like Toll-like receptors (TLRs), cGAS-STING or RIG-I/MDA...
Source: International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology - Category: Cytology Authors: Tags: Int Rev Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research
Abstract Dendritic cells (DCs) orchestrate a repertoire of immune responses that bring about resistance to infection and tolerance to self. Cancers can exploit DCs to evade immunity, but DCs also can generate resistance to cancer. Owing to their capacity to capture, process, and present antigens to naïve T cells, thereby launching adaptive immunity, DCs are poised to play a critical role in cancer recognition and rejection. As such, DCs represent a solution for the expansion and infiltration of T cells with tumor-rejecting properties. Indeed, clinical responses to checkpoint blockade, such as anti-PD-1, are l...
Source: International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology - Category: Cytology Authors: Tags: Int Rev Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research
Abstract Cancer immunotherapy harnesses the ability of the immune system to recognize and eliminate cancer. The potent ability of dendritic cells (DCs) to initiate and regulate adaptive immune responses underpins the successful generation of anti-tumor immune responses. DCs are a heterogeneous leukocyte population comprised of distinct subsets that drive specific types of immune responses. Understanding how DCs induce tumor immune responses and the mechanisms adopted by tumors to evade DC surveillance is essential to render immunotherapies more effective. This review discusses current knowledge of the roles played...
Source: International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology - Category: Cytology Authors: Tags: Int Rev Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research
Researchers plan to restart high-dose radiotherapy in a cancer trial after refuting the outcome of a coroner’s inquest.
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ConclusionThe changes in functional connectivity and structural connectivity within the DMN attributed to WMH progression were responsible for the development of cognitive impairment.
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(Wiley) In a new Cancer study conducted in Japan, even light to moderate alcohol consumption was associated with elevated cancer risks.
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Mini-organs grown from human stem cells can test drug effectiveness
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Diverging RNPs: Toward Understanding lncRNA-Protein Interactions and Functions. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2019;1203:285-312 Authors: Sauvageau M Abstract RNA-protein interactions are essential to a variety of biological processes. The realization that mammalian genomes are pervasively transcribed brought a tidal wave of tens of thousands of newly identified long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) and raised questions about their purpose in cells. The vast majority of lncRNAs have yet to be studied, and it remains to be determined to how many of these transcripts a function can be ascribed. However, results gleaned ...
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Embryo implantation is a still a "black box" as far as medical science is concerned, because we can't predict or control which embryos will implant. This is hardly surprising, given that it's a complex biological process, which involves an intricate interchange of signals between the embryo and the uterine lining.There are lots of factors which determine success, and while we know what some of these are, many are still beyond our comprehension.For example, we know that a top quality embryo has a better chance of resulting in a pregnancy, as compared to a poor quality embryo.However, we also know that not every pe...
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Source: Cancer Management and Research - Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Cancer Management and Research Source Type: research
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