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Well my daughter had the fecal elase (not sure on spelling, sorry) testing done, doctor at CF clinic said it came back fine, no loss of pancreatic function, so relieved!! She also had blood drawn for the Ambry full screen. We waited a little over a month till the doctor called with results. He said given her negative sweat tests and only the one known disease causing mutation he is considering her just a carrier. I was so relieved with this news I didn't think to ask what the actual results were! I called the CF clinic asking if they could fax the results of both tests to me &the receptionist stated she would have to check with the CF coordinator. Is it typical for people to have difficulty obtaining their test results? Also she has had this yucky sounding cough EVERYDAY since it started on Oct 22, when I told the CF doctor he says "It may just be one virus after the other, don't worry unless she gets fevers". My thought is, don't virus' typically cause fevers? Out of the ordinary for her, she has not had a fever since August. GI doctor says she has had this cough for far too long. (GI doc is not CF accredited) GI doc is checking stools for other malabsorption issues and has ordered blood tests to look for Celiac disease and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency. My question, and hopefully I will be able to obtain DNA results. IF it says they found a mutation of unknown significance, could it later be determined to be disease causing &if so how will I ever know? ...
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This article reviews the scientific evidence and possible clinical utility of different biomarkers. This review is structured according to biomarkers that have been evaluated pathophysiologically in relation to intestinal damage or immune response and their potential clinical utility in the diagnosis and follow-up of celiac disease patients. PMID: 32954776 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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