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Invisible Illness or Chronic Illness? What's the Difference?

Why do we say we have an "invisible illness"? Is is because we feel invisible to people? Years ago the term "invisible illness" was rarely used. Before social media the opportunity to talk about your disease was relegated to a local support group and perhaps a caring friend or two. Illness was something you spoke to your doctor about... and that was all. I became an online illness advocate when I built my first website for those with chronic illness in 1996. As the Internet has evolved from news groups to social media, much has changed. But I have seen one continual thread: people are eager to share about their illness experiences and gain both understanding and wisdom from their peers. I established Invisible Illness Awareness Week in 2002. Why? I saw an overwhelming amount of people who were coping with their disease itself -- the symptoms, progression, medications, and medical care. But when it came to how it impacted their lives -- most specifically their relationships, they were struggling. Asking, "Who am I with this illness?" If you have a chronic condition you may have shared one of the many illness memes on social media that attempt to explain what it is like to live with constant pain. The conversations that occur in blog comments or other platforms naturally take on an "us" vs. "them" mentality. We who are ill consider ourselves part of a exclusive club -- one we never wished to join. And it is difficult to believe...
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RHEUMATOID arthritis, and other forms of the disease, cause pain and discomfort among other symptoms. There is no cure, but can be treated using lifestyle changes, diet alterations and medication. Try using this neat trick to reduce pain caused by a flare-up.
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HIGH blood pressure symptoms can range from a severe headache and fatigue to an irregular heartbeat and blood in the urine. If the condition is left untreated it can result in more serious health problems. Improving your diet is one way of lowering your reading, and some health experts recommend supplements, such as red reishi.
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In one night, the Savage family lost two sons to opioid overdoses. Now they are working to prevent other families from experiencing the same pain.
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Plunge into water at near-freezing temperatures, and your body goes into extreme distress. Your skin screams signals of pain. You can't breathe, because your chest is cramping up. Talking is nearly impossible. Your heart is pounding. Fear mounts -- as it should. Without any protection, you may lose consciousness in under 15 minutes. You'll be dead within an hour.
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CONCLUSIONS: Elevation of TNFα level might be a predictor of OA progression after hip arthroscopy. PMID: 29665766 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery - Category: Orthopaedics Authors: Tags: J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong) Source Type: research
DEMENTIA can be a stressful and costly process for all those involved, so it is important to know what type of dementia is affecting the person with the condition. Dementia with Lewy Bodies is one of them.
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Conclusion: These results suggest that CPS technology accurately quantifies heart and respiration rates and measure fluid change- in the lungs. Significance: The CPS has the potential to accurately monitor lung fluid status noninvasively and continuously in a clinical and outpatient setting. Early and efficient management of lung fluid status is key in managing chronic conditions such heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and acute respiration distress syndrome.
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First bit of news: I’ve had absolutely no pain in my heel. It’s as good as new. I have to admit I’m still stunned…and I wonder if a more conventional doctor, let’s say a physiotherapist, would have made the connection between my relatively new eyeglass prescription and my heel pain. I doubt it. This makes me wonder how many similar cases there are, of people who think they have plantar fasciitis or tendonitis or, sorry for the mention!  , heel spurs, but whose pain actually originated in a different part of the body, an easy-to-fix part of the body. Mind-blowing, eh? But the reason I&rsq...
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In this study, simultaneous stimulation using both rTMS and tDCS (dual-mode stimulation) over bilateral primary motor cortices (M1s) was investigated to compare its modulatory effects with single rTMS stimulation over the ipsilesional M1 in subacute stroke patients. Twenty-four patients participated; 12 participants were assigned to the dual-mode stimulation group while the other 12 participants were assigned to the rTMS-only group. We assessed each patient's motor function using the Fugl-Meyer assessment score and acquired their resting-state fMRI data at two times: prior to stimulation and 2 months after stimulation. Twe...
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Are menopausal vasomotor symptoms associated with increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea, independent of obesity?Menopause
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