My husband just had a transplant...some of his nurses and his surgeon are saying...

He can't have certain foods and drinks. For example, they said he isn't allowed to have any fruits or vegetables that are fresh (otherwise, they have to be cooked) And he cannot have stuff like sushi (with the raw fish in it) And water that isn't bottled. Is some of this true, and do any of you have a comprehensive list of what to eat/not to eat post transplant? Btw, he is doing amazing. He got the surgery Tuesday night and I'm sitting here with him now. He has oxygen stats of 100 without oxygen and has been on room air the whole time. Got up and walked around the nurses station twice on this floor the day after his surgery and right now he walked 6 times around it in intervals today. His bronchoscopys are doing well too. He's just doing so well :)
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Conclusion: As for cardiac or hepatic transplantations, despite a strong immunosuppressive regimen, a high frequency of transient PF4/H Ab is observed in patients undergoing BLT. Their appareance is not related to thrombocytopenia and/or thrombotic events. However, they could be an early marker of a cellular reaction againts the graft.DisclosuresNo relevant conflicts of interest to declare.
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Conclusions: FB was performed in almost one third of children and adolescents with CF. Exacerbations’ evaluation and eradication treatment surveillance were the most frequent reasons for bronchoscopic evaluation. No adverse events were encountred.
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AbstractIntroductionFlexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FFB) plays an important role in the surveillance of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients after lung transplantation (LTx). With rapid onset and clearance, propofol provides a safe and efficient method for sedation during FFB, yet sedation requirements for CF patients are not well described.ObjectivesDue to pharmacokinetic differences for other classes of drugs in CF patients, this study was performed to examine propofol requirements for sedation during bronchoscopy in lung transplant recipients with CF.MethodsA single-center retrospective cohort study was performed to examine ...
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Conclusion: We propose that when CFA arrives at the airway, it rapidly adsorbs AMPs and creates negative complexes, thereby decreasing the functional amount of AMPs capable of killing pathogens. These results provide a novel translational insight into an early mechanism for how ambient PM increases the susceptibility of the airways to bacterial infection. Received: 27 July 2016 Revised: 30 December 2016 Accepted: 19 January 2017 Published: 05 July 2017 Address correspondence to A. P. Comellas, 6312 Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building. Newton Road, Iowa City, Iowa, USA, 52242; Teleph...
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Occlusion of the bronchial orifices by tissue-like structures is an uncommonly reported finding: it has been referred to as bronchial webs, bronchial synechiae, vanishing bronchus syndrome, or membranous obliterative bronchitis. It differs from bronchiolitis obliterans, a well-described clinical entity that involves smaller airways not visualized on bronchoscopy. Although initially only recognized as a congenital condition, later reports have described it in situations where chronic inflammation results in the irritation of the airways. Here we report a case of a woman with postinfectious bronchiectasis who developed membr...
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Conclusion: Sinus disease affected more than 60% of our patients, and only a minority presented fully normal rhinoscopic findings. The role of topical upper airway treatment in eradication and potential prevention of subsequent graft colonization requires further evaluation.
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Conclusion: Colonization of bacteria in the lower airways occurs at a median of 23 days after transplantation in CF patients. In this population overall survival was not influenced by time to colonization or type of bacteria present.
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ConclusionThis RCT showed that a new non-viral-based gene therapy for cystic fibrosis was able to produce “modest” benefits in lung function compared to a placebo. The treatments were given once a month for a year. The study had many strengths, including its double-blind randomised design, recruiting adequate numbers to demonstrate real differences between groups, and using pre-specified outcomes and sub-analysis. This means we can be confident in the reliability of the findings presented. Although the findings of this study are encouraging, there are always limitations. These include: This study was relativel...
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Chris Simon’s bucket list wasn’t anything fancy. He simply wanted to be able to ride a bike again. Or take a swim. Or go camping with friends. “Stuff I used to do all the time,” Simon said. “And all of a sudden it was taken away.” Those once simple joys were stolen by cystic fibrosis, the same disease that claimed his younger sister Emily’s life in 2009. The Simon family on Sunday will join millions of others around the world in celebrating Easter, a day symbolizing new beginnings. The holiday will have special significance for Chris, 26, who has another chapter dawning in his life...
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