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Hello everyone. I hope to get a lot of replies to this. I am a proud parent of a two year non-cf little boy and I couldn't be happier. However I would love to have another baby. It took me almost two years of not being cautious to get pregnant and pregnancy was tough towards the end but I wasn't in the best health to begin with (80% lung functions and under weight only weigh 108) my question is did anyone have a harder time getting pregnant their second time or did they experience pretty much the same thing the second go around. I am currently thinking about having another child but kinda wanted to know if I should prepare myself to look into other options or just be patient like I was the first time. Thank you everyone and I know this is prbably a hard question to answer considering everyone is different but I would also like tips and tricks on getting pregnant
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In conclusion, our study demonstrated that H2S inhibits the transepithelial anion secretion of early pregnant mouse endometrial epithelium via blockade of CFTR, contributing to the preparation for embryo implantation.
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Our objective was to explore knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about pregnancy and contraceptive decision-making among reproductive-aged women with cystic fibrosis.
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Publication date: Available online 7 May 2019Source: Reproductive BioMedicine OnlineAuthor(s): Anna Tournier, Marlène Murris, Anne Prevotat, Annlyse Fanton, Célia Bettiol, Jean ParinaudAbstractEven though the impact of cystic fibrosis (CF) on male fertility is well known, very few studies have investigated its effect on women fertility. In order to evaluate the fertility status of women with cystic fibrosis a questionnaire was sent to 220 women with cystic fibrosis. The questions concerned their desire to become a parent, achievement or not of a pregnancy, the time to became pregnant, the way to obtain pregna...
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In this study, we exposed apically well-differentiated human NECs cultured at the ALI to the related flaviviruses ZIKV, JEV, WNV, and Usutu virus (USUV). We selected these viruses due to the recent increasing evidences of potential threat to humans (Cadar et al., 2017; Simonin et al., 2018). We show that NECs are particularly susceptible to JEV and WNV infection and to other flaviviruses included in this study. Infection with each virus led to shedding of infectious virus particles through the apical and basolateral surfaces and triggered host mechanisms at the level of inflammatory and antiviral mediators. Given...
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In this study they also showed PTX3 localized in NETs formed after neutrophil activation (5). Proteomics analysis revealed that PTX3 forms complexes with two anti-microbial proteins [azurocidin (AZU1) and myeloperoxidase (MPO)] associated to NETs (30). More recently, PTX3 localization in NETs has been confirmed, and the colocalization with AZU1 and MPO has been defined more accurately (31). Further investigation will be needed to understand the involvement of PTX3 interaction with AZU1 and MPO in their antibacterial role during NET formation. Regulation of Complement Activation PTX3 interaction with microorganisms is not...
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Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a progressive, genetic disease of secretory glands affecting approximately 30,000 people in the United States. The life expectancy of CF patients has risen due to treatment advances, making preconception and contraceptive counseling essential. Pregnancy is high risk in this population and dramatically impacts overall health. Additionally, some CF medications are teratogenic or reduce the efficacy of hormonal contraception. Barriers preventing adequate sexual and reproductive health counseling include lack of time, knowledge, and discomfort with the subject.
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Blood, saliva, urine, sweat or even ear wax can carry valuable information about an individual’s medical state. Until now, even simpler tests on such bodily fluids had to be carried out at medical facilities, but with the recent uptick in the development of digital diagnostic technologies, more and more solutions appear on the market which enable the patient to do such tests at home. Here we take a look around the bodily fluid business. From bloodletting to digital sweat measurement Blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm. Although it doesn’t sound appealing, the ancient Greek already thought that bodily f...
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