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Even if you weren’t around during the Great Depression, you have probably seen the countless images associated with that pivotal time in our history: shantytowns occupied with homeless men and women, the whirlwind of infertile soil known as the dustbowl, and thousands of people waiting in lines for their ration of bread that most likely wouldn’t even satisfy the hunger of a toddler. It’s those stark images of the breadlines that truly embodied the desperation that defined the decade. So, what…
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Conclusions: Integrated nationwide efforts are necessary to raise public awareness of this epidemic, to study long-term health effects of AAS and treatment strategies, and to reform regulations to stem the epidemics of AAS use and body image disorders. PMID: 30239802 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Human β-defensin 1 update: potential clinical applications of the restless warrior. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2018 Sep 17;: Authors: Álvarez ÁH, Velázquez MM, de Oca EPM Abstract Human β-defensin 1 (hBD-1) is a multifaceted antimicrobial peptide being a tumour suppressor and, depending on call of duty, capable of inducing self-nets and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) to trap and/or kill bacteria, participates in inflammatory responses in chronic diseases including hBD-3 upregulation and also capable of up/downregulation in the presence of certain species of Lactobac...
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CONCLUSIONS: Our study is the first to investigate psychological and sexual functioning impacts in patients with GnRH deficiency under hormonal replacement therapy. However, larger studies are needed so as to add further empirical evidence. PMID: 30168087 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Women undergoing infertility treatment have increased levels of depression and anxiety compared to the general population. We wanted to compare anxiety and depression in oocyte donors to IVF patients, specifically controlling for those who have never undergone an IVF or donor cycle.
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Nearly half of the cases of infertility are of unknown origin comprising both idiopathic and unexplained infertility. Depression, accelerated biological aging, and decreased quality of life are associated with this group. Modern lifestyle plays a critical role in both infertility and depression. The goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of yoga- and meditation-based lifestyle intervention (YMLI) on depression, quality of life and cellular aging in couples with infertility of unknown origin.
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Infertility as well as IVF treatments can cause distress for women undergoing IVF. As a result, anxiety and depression are frequent conditions in this patient population. Increased levels of inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin 1 beta and 6 (IL-1 β, IL-6) and heat-shock protein 70 (hsp70) have been shown to be associated with depression and anxiety. We hypothesized that levels of anxiety, depression and serum cytokines would differ between patients undergoing IVF and oocyte donors.
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Psychosocial and sexual characteristics of men presenting for a new fertility evaluation are poorly described, as is willingness to complete a collection of survey instruments. Previous research suggests that men undergoing fertility evaluation experience anxiety, depression and sexual function issues, but these dimensions have not been examined with men as the sole subject. This is a prospective survey of men presenting for male infertility evaluations with validated psychometric instruments, building on our previous pilot data.
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(Springer) Men who suffer from urological problems such as erectile dysfunction, urinary tract and bladder problems or infertility issues often also suffer from depression and sleep disorders. Physicians should therefore be aware of these risks so that they can refer their patients to relevant specialists and provide comprehensive and timely care of male patients. This is according to Arman Walia of the University of California Irvine in the US, in a study in the Springer Nature-branded IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal.
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Rationale: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in reproductive women. Many of the complications associated with PCOS, such as obesity, hirsutism, alopecia, infertility and acne. PCOS symptoms can lead to significant deterioration in quality of life and be highly stressful negatively affecting psychological well-being. At the same time, production of inflammatory cytokines occurs due to the increase in fat tissue. Hyperactivity of the pituitary-hypothalamus and the adrenal axis is triggered by pro-inflammatory cytokines, which can lead to depression.
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CONCLUSION: Compared with women not reporting PCOS, women reporting PCOS have increased depression, anxiety and perceived stress. Stress may play a role in the association between PCOS, depression and anxiety. Further studies should consider assessment and management of stress in PCOS as it may be relevant for understanding the aetiology and treatment of psychological distress. PMID: 30131078 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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