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In ancient times, our ancestors had pure sources of the nutrients they needed to thrive. But they were limited in terms of how much they could get of any particular one. Organ meat gives you a wealth of nutrients, including protein, CoQ10, and a host of vitamins. But you can’t get really high doses of a nutrient or vitamin through food alone. That wasn’t a big issue for our ancestors because they had such a well-balanced environment. But it’s a big deal for you and me. In our toxic world, large doses of nutrients are sometimes necessary to balance or “straighten out” health concerns. This is a category of medicine I call “Ortho.” Ortho means, “to correct or straighten out.” If your basic needs for survival happen on a “Primal” level, stepping up to the Ortho level means using larger doses of a nutrient to help correct for imbalances that can lead to disease. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer, large doses of nutrients can sometimes treat or even reverse the problem. The fastest and most effective way of giving your body this extra help is called intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy. I use IV therapy with many patients at my clinic. By infusing highly concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into their bloodstream and redressing the imbalances, I flush their system with healing agents. It’s a highly effective treatment for many deadly diseases, including cancer. In...
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Authors: Emmanuel S, Jornayvaz FR Abstract Discovered 20 years ago, Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) 19, and its mouse ortholog FGF15, were the first members of a new subfamily of FGFs able to act as hormones. During fetal life, FGF15/19 is involved in organogenesis, affecting the development of the ear, eye, heart and brain. At adulthood, FGF15/19 is mainly produced by the ileum, acting on the liver to repress hepatic bile acid synthesis and promote postprandial nutrient partitioning. In rodents, pharmacologic doses of FGF19 induce the same anti-obesity and anti-diabetic actions as FGF21, these metabolic effects bei...
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Authors: Vaidya A, Mulatero P, Baudrand R, Adler GK Abstract Primary aldosteronism is characterized by aldosterone secretion that is independent of renin and angiotensin II and sodium status. The deleterious effects of primary aldosteronism are mediated by excessive activation of the mineralocorticoid receptor that results in the well-known consequences of volume expansion, hypertension, hypokalemia, and metabolic alkalosis, but also increases the risk for cardiovascular and kidney disease, and death. For decades, the approaches to defining, diagnosing, and treating primary aldosteronism have been relatively consta...
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STEFAN KARL STEFANSSON, the LazyTown actor that starred as Robbie Rotten, has died after a battle with bile duct cancer. Bile duct cancer symptoms include  itchy skin and weight loss - these are the warning signs to look out for.
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Authors: Mouodi S, Hosseini SR, Ghadimi R, Bijani A, Cumming RG, Amiri HA, Bayani F, Sum S Abstract Background: The purpose of this study was to determine the current situation of lifestyle behaviors and related outcomes, as the first step to make proper local health policies for improvement of health lifestyle behaviors. Materials and Methods: This analytic research has been conducted as a cross-sectional study on the middle-aged (40-60 years old) population of Amirkola, Northern Iran. The Persian translation of the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II questionnaire and the International Physical Activity Que...
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(Reuters Health) - Subtle variations in millions of genes contribute to individual risk for common illnesses like heart disease and diabetes - and putting them all together into a "polygenic" risk profile can identify many more people with higher than average odds of getting sick, researchers say.
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CONCLUSION: There has been an appreciable increase in anti-psychotic utilization in recent years in Pakistan especially atypical antipsychotics, with little polypharmacy. Ongoing utilization of typical antipsychotics may be due to comorbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Issues of international non-proprietary name prescribing need investigating along with the high number of medicines per encounter and gender inequality. PMID: 30122062 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Timmerman C, Taveras L, Huerta S Abstract INTRODUCTION: The standard of care for locally advanced rectal cancer includes neoadjuvant chemoradiation with subsequent total mesorectal excision. This approach has shown various degrees of response to neoadjuvant chemoradiation (ranging from complete response to further tumor growth), which have substantial prognostic and therapeutic implications. A total regression of the tumor is a predictor of superior oncologic outcomes compared to partial and non-responders. Further, this concept has opened the possibility of nonoperative strategies for complete responders ...
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Conclusions: IAC is effective as primary therapy for unilateral group B, C, D, and E retinoblastoma. IvitC is an important adjuvant therapy to achieve comparable globe salvage rates for group D and E eyes with persistent active vitreous seeds.Ocul Oncol Pathol
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Conclusions: Our data suggest that serum concentrations of CHI3L1 and IL-6 are involved in the process of SRD in DME. CHI3L1 can be investigated further as a new diagnostic biomarker for DME with SRD.Ophthalmologica
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