Ten Celebrities Who Suffer(ed) From Tinnitus

"I wonder how you're feeling There's ringing in my ears And no one to relate to 'cept the sea..." -- Peter Frampton There are few afflictions as constant and annoying as tinnitus, which Wikipedia defines as: "The hearing of sound when no external sound is present. While often described as a ringing, it may also sound like a clicking, hiss or roaring. Most of the time, it comes on gradually. In some people, the sound causes depression, anxiety or interferes with concentration." It is a surprisingly common condition with chronic tinnitus affecting 5 to 10 percent of the U.S. adult population, with about 0.5 percent having severe, debilitating tinnitus. Below is a list of ten famous people through history who suffered from tinnitus, with a common denominator seeming to exist and among performers, particularly actors and musicians. 1. Ronald Reagan The two-term President of the United States began his career as an actor, largely in B-movies and westerns, and it was during one of the latter that a blank pistol was fired too close to his ear, afflicting him with tinnitus for the rest of his life. 2. Steve Martin Another victim of show biz-related hearing loss, Martin has suffered from tinnitus since filming a gunfight on set of his comedy Three Amigos, in 1986. "You just get used to it," Martin said. 3. Pete Townsend In one of rock music's most infamous, and ill-conceived pranks, Keith Moon was already in the habit of placing an explosive charge in ...
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Authors: Yu W, Zhao H, Zong X, Ji X, Han X, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Ma K, Cui N, Wang S Abstract Radix Astragali (RA) herb with warm property and significant "tonifying qi" effects is indicated for the syndrome of internal cold due to Yang deficiency. The purpose of this research was to explore effects of Radix Astragali (RA) through PPAR signaling pathway on gene expression profiles related to energy metabolism in rats with the Yang-deficiency cold (YDC) syndrome, for identifying the pathological mechanism of Yang-deficiency cold (YDC) syndrome and the effects mechanism of RA. The results indicated that RA coul...
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Conclusion: Targeted interventions aimed at eliminating victimization behaviours within the school context are therefore proposed, as well as interventions to promote healthy parenting styles for the parents of schoolchildren. Moreover, school healthcare professionals should screen students involved in bullying for self-injury, and vice versa. PMID: 30519578 [PubMed - in process]
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Publication date: Available online 8 December 2018Source: Computers in Human BehaviorAuthor(s): Xi Han, Wenting Han, Jiabin Qu, Bei Li, Qinghua ZhuAbstractSocial media is increasingly popular among LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) who have a higher risk of depression and dis-identification in China. However, it is unclear whether psychological dependency on social media and social media use behavior have beneficial offline effects. We conducted an online survey of 1391 valid LGBT recruited in China and also interviewed five LGBT Weibo users to better explain some results. We found LGBT with higher levels of de...
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Publication date: Available online 8 December 2018Source: American Journal of OtolaryngologyAuthor(s): Tao Yan, Fangru Zong, Xiaojie Ma, Xinbo Xu, Weiliang Chen, Zhongyi Song, Xiao Han, Xiaojing Wang, Hanbing ZhangAbstractPurposeThe timing of CI for postmeningitic deafness is controversial and differential outcomes have been reported. To review and share our surgical and auditory outcomes.Materials and methods17 patients with ossified cochleas who received CI were enrolled. Clinical data including the cause of cochlear ossification, preoperative examination, onset of deafness, age at implantation, surgical findings, and re...
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ConclusionsIn case of acute vertigo with SHN, a complete functional assessment of vestibular receptors and afferents should always be given in order to avoid misdiagnosis. Canalith jam should be considered in case of spontaneous nystagmus and isolated canal hypofunction.
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Publication date: Available online 7 December 2018Source: Nano Communication NetworksAuthor(s): Chong Han, Xiaofei Zhang, Xudong WangAbstractMillimeter wave (mmW) and Terahertz band (THz) play important roles for future wireless communications to support ultra-high data rates. However, the high propagation loss and inherent directivity features pose critical challenges on the medium access control (MAC) protocol design to fully exploit their potential benefits, including deafness, control channel selection mechanism, line-of-sight (LoS) blockage, mobility management and spatial reuse strategy. To address these challenges, ...
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In this study, we explored microRNAs as predictive markers of drug response to duloxetine, a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibiter, using peripheral blood samples from 3 independent clinical trials (NCT00635219; NCT0059991; NCT01140906) comparing 6-8 weeks of treatment with duloxetine to placebo treatment in patients with MDD. Plasma microRNA was extracted and sequenced using the Ion Proton Sequencer. Rank feature selection analysis was used to identify microRNAs in the top 10th percentile for their differentiating ability between patients who remitted and did not remit with duloxetine treatment. The results were the...
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Erratum to "Letter to the Editor about the Article: "Still Regarding Anxiety, Depression and Academic Performance: A Study Amongst Portuguese Medical Students Versus Non-Medical Students", by João Moreira de Sousa, Cátia A. Moreira, Diogo Telles-Correia. Acta Med Port. 2018;31:454-62. ". Acta Med Port. 2018 Nov 30;31(11):702 Authors: Gama Marques J PMID: 30521470 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Neves P, Vicente J, Cabrera H, Pantazi I Abstract Botulism is a serious illness caused by exposure to botulinum toxin. It is manifested by flaccid, paralysis, symmetric and in descending pattern affecting cranial and peripheral nerves. Given the frequent need for invasive mechanical ventilation, these patients should be approached in an intensive care setting. Treatment with anti-botulinum toxin is the only effective treatment. The authors present the case of a 64-year-old patient, with vomiting and vertigo, evolution to diplopia, dysphagia and flaccid, muscle paralysis, installation after ingestion of can...
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