Inflammation and Stem Cell Stochasticity of HPV-induced Cervical Cancer: Epigenetics Based Biomarkers through Microbiome and Metabolome for Personalized Medicine: A Systematic Review

CONCLUSION: The review significantly described the correlation between microbial inflammation and stem cell stochasticity of HPV-Induced cervical cancer and the expression of epigenetics- based biomarkers through microbiome and metabolome to foster the cervical cancer progression. These are major risk factors that can cause cervical dysplasia with substantial therapy resistance in cervical cancer patients. The qualitative and quantitative examination of the spatial transcriptomic expression of these stemness markers in the dividing cervical cancer stem cells has significant implications in the clinical sector to develop early personalized medicine to prevent cervical precancerous lesions depending on the prognosis of the cervical cancer patients. Mainly, the combinatorial regimen of current therapeutic modalities, along with microbiome-related therapies with future landscape of epigenetics-modulated therapies, may enhance overall disease-specific survival by modulating the stochastic dynamics of basal epithelial cells across the cervical region.PMID:38018189 | DOI:10.2174/0109298673257429231108072717
Source: Current Medicinal Chemistry - Category: Chemistry Authors: Source Type: research