2168 Are acute care clinicians delivering optimal end of life care and recognising the dying patient?

Conclusion 44 patients met selection criteria. 10/44 patients had recognition of possible active dying on admission. 32/44 had anticipatory medications prescribed. 6/44 were considered for referral to palliative care. 36/44 remained on active treatment prior to death. This study suggests that there is a slowness in the recognition of the dying patient and prioritising patient-focused symptom management. Recognition of dying is an essential first step in improving care for dying patients, perhaps a criterion score would be helpful in practice such as the "traffic lights" model or the "palliative performance score." Education with the palliative care specialists would likely benefit departments. There was a predominant theme of patients being actively managed up until the point of dying, is there a cultural reasoning behind acute physicians leaning towards active treatment and not accepting dying as an outcome?
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