Hematological involvement in sarcoidosis: from cytopenias to lymphoma

We present an updated overview of the hematological involvementassociated with sarcoidosis, including a management approach forcytopenias and revisiting the association with hematologicalmalignancies.AREAS COVERED: Theetiology of cytopenias in sarcoidosis can be attributed to two majoretiopathogenic mechanisms: infiltration of hematopoietic organs suchas the spleen and bone marrow, and autoimmune-mediated cytopenias.With respect to the association with hematological malignancies, itrequires careful evaluation of patients from a chronologicalperspective. Patients must be classified into one of three pathogenicscenarios, including preexisting hematological malignancies,synchronous development of malignancy and sarcoidosis due to commonpredisposing factors, or sarcoidosis as a predisposing factor formalignancies.EXPERT OPINION: The association between sarcoidosis and hematologic involvement isbest understood as a pathogenic continuum, with cytopenias andhematologic neoplasms intertwined due to various etiopathogenicmechanisms. These mechanisms include sarcoid infiltration ofhematopoietic organs, common predisposing immunogenetics for thedevelopment of autoimmune cytopenias and malignancies, and anincreased risk of neoplasm development in patients with autoimmunecytopenias. Collaboration among the main specialties involved in theclinical management of these patients is crucial for an earlymonitoring and management.PMID:37878359 | DOI:10.1080/1744666X.2023.2274363
Source: Clinical Lymphoma and Myeloma - Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Source Type: research