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Supplements That Save Lives And Bucks

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the high cost of medical care these days. The fact is that as costs continue to skyrocket, more and more Americans are driven into bankruptcy, because they cannot pay their medical bills. Too often, they even lose their homes. You may have even lost a neighbor to this disturbing trend. It may have even happened to you – although, I certainly hope not. That’s one reason I have always dedicated myself to keeping my patients out of hospitals – which often see patients as cash cows, instead of human beings. And a cornerstone of this philosophy has been based upon prescribing natural remedies and treatments – like vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Most physicians will tell you that you’re wasting your money when you take these natural substances. Some are well-meaning enough to tell you to change your diet so you can get your vitamins and minerals from your meals. But our food has been gutted of nutrients by over-processing and bad agricultural practices. Most will tell you that these supplements have no medical value at all. As well-meaning as they might be, most doctors simply cannot accept that natural remedies – many of which have been around for millennia – have been proven to help prevent heart attacks, strokes and countless other diseases. Medical school simply didn’t teach it to them. But I can tell you that nature has provided preventions and cures for every diseas...
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