SCN5A-1795insD founder variant: a  unique Dutch experience spanning 7 decades

Neth Heart J. 2023 Jul 20. doi: 10.1007/s12471-023-01799-8. Online ahead of print.ABSTRACTThe SCN5A-1795insD founder variant is a unique SCN5A gene variant found in a large Dutch pedigree that first came to attention in the late 1950s. To date, this is still one of the largest and best described SCN5A founder families worldwide. It was the first time that a single pathogenic variant in SCN5A proved to be sufficient to cause a sodium channel overlap syndrome. Affected family members displayed features of Brugada syndrome, cardiac conduction disease and long QT syndrome type 3, thus encompassing features of both loss and gain of sodium channel function. This brief summary takes us past 70 years of clinical experience and over 2 decades of research. It is remarkable to what extent researchers and clinicians have managed to gain understanding of this complex phenotype in a relatively short time. Extensive clinical, genetic, electrophysiological and molecular studies have provided fundamental insights into SCN5A and the cardiac sodium channel Nav1.5.PMID:37474841 | DOI:10.1007/s12471-023-01799-8
Source: Netherlands Heart Journal - Category: Cardiology Authors: Source Type: research