Robo-Tar - Play the Guitar with One Hand

Music therapy has been around for many years and is recognized as a tool for helping people with emotional and behavioral issues such as depression or ADHD. While the usual instruments used include the drums, cymbals and other instruments that do not require too much instruction, the guitar is also being used as an option. Learning to play guitar requires some finger dexterity and this comes with limitations as to who may learn to play guitar – Robo-Tar has taken this obstacle out of the equation. Allowing people with disabilities to handle a guitar is a start towards giving them new hope and opportunities.
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Publication date: Available online 7 June 2018 Source:The Lancet Psychiatry Author(s): Line Olsen, Thomas Sparsø, Shantel M Weinsheimer, Marcelo Bertalan Quintanilha Dos Santos, Wiktor Mazin, Anders Rosengren, Xabier Calle Sanchez, Louise K Hoeffding, Henriette Schmock, Marie Baekvad-Hansen, Jonas Bybjerg-Grauholm, Mark J Daly, Benjamin M Neale, Marianne G Pedersen, Esben Agerbo, Ole Mors, Anders Børglum, Merete Nordentoft, David M Hougaard, Preben Bo Mortensen, Daniel H Geschwind, Carsten Pedersen, Wesley K Thompson, Thomas Werge Background Although the pathogenic nature of copy number variants (CNVs) on ch...
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Discussion These data highlight the association of risky driving with adolescent symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and conduct disorder. The early stage of independent driving is an important time for addressing the relationship between driving performance and mental health conditions.
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Are you too proud for ToDo lists? Don't like to admit you have ADHD memory issues? You aren't alone.I have afamily member who has ADHD. They never write anything down. They don’t make reminders. They insist that they have to remember everything on their own, and of course, they seldom do. I’m so glad I don’t have that hangup anymore.It reminds me of the hard time we had with my daughter in middle school. Her teacher —supposedly trained to teach learning disabled children—insisted my daughter had to remember to complete all her homework assignments on her own. She wouldn’t tell me what th...
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This article reports on the late diagnosis of a patient with panic disorder and comorbid major depression at the age of 51. Since genetic testing was not available before the 1990s, there might be many over 40-year-old patients, who remained undiagnosed. Psychiatric symptoms exhibit distinctive developmental trajectories and many of these exhibit an increase in incidence during adulthood. Hence, undiagnosed adult DiGeorge patients might present in psychiatric services. As in this case, a correct diagnosis of DiGeorge syndrome in adults may help to improve treatment and outcome. PMID: 29671046 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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ADHD is associated with automobile crashes, traffic fatalities, and serious road trauma, but it is unclear whether this risk is (a) driven by ADHD symptoms specifically, and (b) unique to ADHD or transdiagnostic across psychiatric disabilities, such as dep...
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Conclusions/Implications: These results suggest the importance of several factors in understanding the presenting concerns of treatment-seeking students with disabilities and mitigating academic distress for this population. Additional areas for research are presented. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved)
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CONCLUSIONS: Depression needs improved treatment. Mania has received remarkably little attention in this population, despite high prevalence and incidence (similar to schizophrenia), and given the importance of clinician awareness for accurate differential diagnosis from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and problem behaviours. Declaration of interest None. PMID: 29540250 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: The British Journal of Psychiatry for Mental Science - Category: Psychiatry Tags: Br J Psychiatry Source Type: research
Follow me on Twitter @drClaire When we think of a depressed person, we tend to think of someone who, well, acts sad. The picture we have in our head is of someone who doesn’t want to get off the couch or out of bed, who is eating much less or much more than usual, has trouble sleeping or wants to sleep all the time, who has trouble with usual daily activities, and doesn’t talk much. Children and teens with depression can certainly look like that. But depression can play out in different ways, too. Numbers are hard to come by in younger children, but among 12-to-17-year-olds, almost 13% have had a major depressi...
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Publication date: Available online 6 March 2018 Source:Journal of Psychiatric Research Author(s): Paula A. Aduen, Michael J. Kofler, Dustin E. Sarver, Erica L. Wells, Elia F. Soto, Daniel J. Cox ADHD is associated with automobile crashes, traffic fatalities, and serious road trauma, but it is unclear whether this risk is (a) driven by ADHD symptoms specifically, and (b) unique to ADHD or transdiagnostic across psychiatric disabilities, such as depression, that also have concentration problems as core symptoms. The current study provides the first prospective, continuously-monitored evaluation of crash risk related to ADHD...
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Two extremely upsetting statistics came out not too long ago. Reports have found that not only is there a link between absenteeism in school and mental illness, but there is also a correlation between suspensions from schools and children who have mental or neurological health concerns. These include personality disorders, depression, ADHD, autism and spectrum disorders, and other mental health issues, both treated and untreated. This is a major concern. Rather than recognizing symptoms and reaching out to provide support to the students who need it most, those children are being thrown out of the very environment that wou...
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