Health Humor – Fun Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done an edition of Fun Friday, so we need to remedy that now. For those not familiar with Fun Friday, it’s the time where we let our hair down and enjoy a little healthcare humor. I think you’ll enjoy these cartoons below. #Surgery @JEFFsurgery @JEFFAortic @PascalJabbourMD @GianTorre610 @sminaev2015 @drroykim @VascularMD @NateEvansMD @BavariaMd @ScottGoldmanMD @alxbenevides @NeilFlochMD @LoggheMD @JJcolemanMD @NimeshDesaiMD @GilbertTangMD @Dr_Suse_ @ErbenYoung @pomyers @DrBabakAbai #RadialFirst — Michael Savage (@DocSavageTJU) February 28, 2023 Surgeons are magicians! Just maybe not quite like this. EKG #cardiotwitter — Neil Floch MD (@NeilFlochMD) February 28, 2023 This is so brilliant. I always wondered about that stripe on Charlie Brown. I drew up a diagram of where true comedy can be found. — Dad Jokes (@Dadsaysjokes) May 31, 2023 As a Dad, I can really appreciate this important chart. Always #believe in yourself 🔥 — Aaron Miri (@AaronMiri) June 25, 2023 This isn’t funny, but it’s inspirational. Thanks for the reminder Aaron. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the 4th of July!
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