The Risk of the Next Child Getting Affected by Chronic Granulomatous Disease in Families with at Least One Autosomal Recessive CGD Child

This study aimed to assess whether having a child with AR-CGD would increase the likelihood of the next child being affected by CGD. Ninety-one families with at least one child affected by AR-CGD entered this study. Out of the 270 children, 128 were affected by AR-CGD. We used a cross tab for the odds ratio (OR) calculation, in which exposure to a previously affected child and the next child's status were evaluated. This study illustrated that the chances of having another child afflicted with AR-CGD are significantly increased if the previous child had AR-CGD (OR=2.77, 95% CI=1.35-5.69).Althoug h AR disorders affect 25% of each pregnancy, we showed that the chance that the next child would be affected by CGD, given that the previous child was affected, is 2.77 times greater than in families with a normal child. It is recommended to warn families with one or more affected children to evaluate the risk of CGD in their subsequent pregnancies with prenatal diagnosis.PMID:37002626 | DOI:10.18502/ijaai.v22i1.12014
Source: Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Source Type: research