Pathophysiological and Clinical Aspects of Hearing Loss Among 85-Year-Olds

CONCLUSIONS: Sensorineural hearing loss, likely related to outer hair cell loss, was present in the vast majority of 85-year-olds. Conductive/mixed hearing loss appears to be relatively rare in advanced age. Poor word recognition scores in relation to SII-predicted scores were relatively common (20%) in 85-year-olds, whereas auditory neuropathy was only rarely identified (1.6%) by the use of ABR latencies. To explain abnormal word recognition and to identify the neural component of hearing loss among the older-old population, future research should consider factors such as listening effort and cognition among the older-old population.PMID:37195321 | DOI:10.1044/2023_AJA-22-00214
Source: American Journal of Audiology - Category: Audiology Authors: Source Type: research