Bypass and other modified reconstruction techniques for 'challenging' carotid cases: A comparison with conventional endarterectomy

CONCLUSIONS: Patients who underwent ICA revascularization with MCAR showed risks of perioperative death, major or minor stroke (<2%), reintervention rates and carotid restenosis rates that are comparable with PCEA or ECEA groups. Nevertheless, the MCAR group showed a significantly higher rate of global central neurological complications (considering together TIA, minor stroke and major stroke) than patients treated with standard CEA. MCAR techniques appear to be effective alternatives to standard CEAs, with an acceptable surgical risk. However, these should be performed mainly in selected cases, for example, in complex anatomy (detected in a non-negligible percentage of patients by preoperative imaging), or in the case of unexpected intraoperative technical issues.PMID:37172198 | DOI:10.1177/17085381231174946
Source: Vascular - Category: Surgery Authors: Source Type: research