Modification of dietary rumen degradable starch content by chemical processing of feed ingredients: A meta ‐analysis

This study aimed to evaluate the chemical processing of ruminant feed ingredients on rumen degradable starch (RDS) and starch degradation kinetics in the rumen. A database was constructed from a total of 34 articles, consisted of 100 observations. The articles were searched and identified from the Scopus platform. Data were analyzed by using the fixed effect model. The types of chemical processing in this study included sodium hydroxide, ammonia, potassium aluminum, urea, formaldehyde, and organic acid. Results indicated that chemical processing significantly reduced the RDS content (p <  0.001) and the immediately soluble fraction (p <  0.001) and increased the value of slowly degradable fraction (p <  0.001) and starch absorption in the small intestine (p <  0.01). Formaldehyde was particularly effective to decrease the RDS (p <  0.05). The RDS contents in corn and wheat were reduced by the chemical processing (p <  0.05), but not with that of barley. It can be concluded that chemical processing is effective in reducing starch degradation of ruminant feeds and may enhance its utilization by ruminants.
Source: Animal Science Journal - Category: Zoology Authors: Tags: SHORT COMMUNICATION Source Type: research