Application of sarunashi (Actinidia arguta) juices extracted at different ripening stages for Japanese Shorthorn steer meat tenderization

AbstractWe investigated the effects of juices of sarunashi (Actinidia arguta) at varying ripening stages (unripe, force-ripe, ripe, and over-ripe) on textural properties and water holding capacity after application to the supraspinatus muscle meat from Japanese Shorthorn steers (n = 6). Following drip and cooking loss measurements, we analyzed the maximum load, gumminess load, cohesiveness, and adhesiveness of the muscle samples. Drip loss did not differ significantly among the groups; however, cooking loss in the over-ripe group was higher than that in the other groups. The maximum load and gumminess load in the over-ripe group were significantly lower than those in the unripe group, but no significant difference was observed for the others. There were no differences in cohesiveness and adhesiveness among the groups. Over-ripened sarunashi juices were found to be more effective for beef tenderization than unripened fruit juice.
Source: Animal Science Journal - Category: Zoology Authors: Tags: SHORT COMMUNICATION Source Type: research