Control of a Reassortant Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus Outbreak in an Intensive Swine Breeding Farm: Effect of Vaccination and Enhanced Farm Management Practices

The objectives of this study were to describe the control measures implemented since October 2013 in response to this outbreak and to compare virus occurrence in piglets ‒ the subpopulation likely responsible for viral maintenance within the herd5,6 ‒ using a pre-post intervention study design. Additionally, the pattern of maternally-derived immunity in piglets sourced from the affected herd was assessed. Methods Study farm The study farm consisted of an intensive, closed-cycle swine breeding farm housing approximately 1,100 sows/gilts and 23,000 piglets located in North-East Italy. This farm supplies ~90 day-old piglets to external fattening farms for the production of traditional Italian ‘Parma’ and ‘San Daniele’ dry-cured hams. Animals are kept under a continuous breeding cycle with production of weekly batches, without applying an all-in/all-out production system. Open and pregnant sows/gilts are housed in individual stalls. Periparturient and lactating sows and neonatal pigs from birth until an average weaning age of 21 days are housed in individual confinement farrowing crates. Vaccination In October 2013, concurrently with GRIPOVAC-3 vaccination, all sows/gilts were vaccinated with FluSure-Pandemic, according to manufacturer’s instructions. For initial immunization, two single-dose injections were administered to all sows and gilts six and three weeks before farrowing and fecundation, respectively. A single vaccine booster was admi...
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This report shares key lessons learned for community engagement practices during a malaria outbreak response in the Los Tres Brazos neighborhood of urban Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from 2015-2016. In this two-year period, 233 cases of malaria were reported-more than seven times the number of cases (31) reported in the previous two years. The initial outbreak response by the national malaria program emphasized "top-down" interventions such as active surveillance, vector control, and educative talks within the community. Despite a transient reduction in reported cases in mid-2015, transmission resurged at th...
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Conclusions: The bibliometric analysis allowed to objectively record the productivity and visibility of the Regional System for Vaccines for Streptococcus pneumoniae in the Region. PMID: 32774349 [PubMed]
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Authors: Marín-Sánchez A Abstract The basic clinical characteristics of the first 100 fatal cases from COVID-19 in Colombia were analyzed based on reports from the National Institute of Health (INS) since the beginning of the pandemic. Since the INS records do not include clinical variables of comorbidity in the total number of cases reported as positive, but only in patients with fatal outcome, comorbidities, age and sex available in the daily INS reports were reviewed. Their frequency was identified and mortality risk behavior for the analyzed variables was established and compared with the behavior...
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Authors: Sola A, Rodríguez S, Cardetti M, Dávila C Abstract Objective: To evaluate and report the clinical characteristics and outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 infection in pregnant women and newborns in Latin America. Methods: Descriptive study based on the prospective report of the units of the Ibero-American Society of Neonatology Network. Results: Of 86 pregnant women with COVID-19 confirmed by RT-PCR in seven countries (6 from Latin America, and Equatorial Guinea) 68% (59) were asymptomatic. Of 32% of symptomatic women, 89% (24) had mild symptoms and 3.5% (3) had severe respiratory symptoms. No wom...
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Publication date: July 2020Source: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, Volume 33, Issue 7Author(s): Yong Pei YU, Jiang Ting CHEN, Zhi Wei JIANG, Ling WANG, Cheng Kai YU, Xiao Yan YAN, Chen YAO, Jie Lai XIA
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CONCLUSIONS: Future initiatives to engage preconception women should span the social-ecological model of health and consider women's personal preferences for accessible and tailored preconception health information and support at individual, interpersonal, community and organisational levels, as well as in the broader environment. SO WHAT?: This research provides guidance to those in health promotion when planning future initiatives to promote and protect women's preconception health. PMID: 32780533 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Cachexia, a devastating wasting syndrome characterized by severe weight loss with specific losses of muscle and adipose tissue, is driven by reduced food intake, increased energy expenditure, excess catabolism, and inflammation. Cachexia is associated with poor prognosis and high mortality and frequently occurs in patients with cancer, chronic kidney disease, infection, and many other illnesses. There is no effective treatment for this condition. Hypothalamic melanocortins have a potent and long-lasting inhibitory effect on feeding and anabolism, and pathophysiological processes increase melanocortin signaling tone, leadin...
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Authors: Adjorlolo S, Egbenya DL Abstract Managing a deadly pandemic in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) is challenging. The task becomes tougher when there is an outbreak of an equally deadly disease. This is the present situation of Ghana, a low-resource country, that is confronted with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and cerebrospinal meningitis (CSM) outbreak. Apart from the resource constraint at both governmental and individual levels, such a situation affects the overall wellbeing of ordinary citizens as well as healthcare professionals, particularly those in high-risk areas. Perhaps,...
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Authors: Aluisio AR, Zhu E, Gil G, Kenyon T, Uzevski V, Levine AC Abstract The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has overwhelmed many health systems globally. Innovative initiatives are needed to combat the pandemic and scaleup response efforts. This communication describes a collaborative partnership between an international humanitarian organization and an academic university to develop and rapidly deploy a remote digital COVID-19 trainer-of-trainers (TOT) program to enhance global response. The ongoing program has resulted in more than 900 TOT personnel who have themselves trained over 22,000 frontlin...
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Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2020, Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1039/D0PP00221F, PerspectiveLuke Horton, Angeli Eloise Torres, Shanthi Narla, Alexis B. Lyons, Indermeet Kohli, Joel M Gelfand, David Ozog, Iltefat H. Hamzavi, Henry W. Lim The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a demand for safe and highly effective decontamination techniques for both personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital and operating rooms. The gradual lifting of lockdown... The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry
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