Baxter Healthcare Corporation - Abacus - Class 1 Recall

ABACUS TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) Calculation software, Product codes: 8300-0167 (Abacus V3.1 CE), 8300-0168 (Abacus V3.1 SE), 8300-0169 (Abacus V3.1 ME), 8300-0191 (Abacus V3.2 CE), 8300-0192 (Abacus V3.2 SE), 8300-0193 (Abacus V3.2 ME), 8300-3391 (Abacus V3.3 CE), 8300-3392 (Abacus V3.3 SE), and 8300-3393 (Abacus V3.3 ME). Commonly used with ExactaMix automated compounding devices (ExactaMix 1200 and ExactaMix 2400).
Source: Medical Device Recalls - Category: Medical Devices Source Type: alerts