Steroid responsive encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroiditis (SREAT) with stroke like symptoms. A case report. (P5.104)

Objective: To report an unusual case of Steroid responsive encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroiditis (SREAT) with stroke like symptoms. Background: SREAT is a rare disorder commonly seen in females. Two clinic subtypes have been described, encephalopathic and vasculitic types. The hallmark-presenting feature is a nonspecific encephalopathy. Additional manifestations include, seizures, aphasia, extrapyramidal signs, myoclonus, gait disorder, neuropsychiatric symptoms and stroke-like episodes. Corticosteroids are the main stay of therapy. Design and methods: Case report and pertinent literature review. Results: 32 year old female without any significant past medical history presented with numbness of right face, right upper extremity along with right hand grip weakness. Neurological examination only revealed right pronator drift and right upper extremity sensory hypoesthesia to light touch and pin prick. MRI showed white mater hyper-intensities in the cortical and sub cortical region with minimal enhancement. CSF glucose, protein, cell count within normal range. CSF oligiclonal bands, IgG index and meningoencephalitis panel was negative. Autoimmune work including NMDAR, VGKC and paraneoplastic panel was negative. CT angiogram of the head and neck was not suggestive of vasculitis. Work up revealed significantly elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies (602 IU/ml, normal
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Conditions:   Cushing's Disease;   Pituitary Adenoma Intervention:   Drug: Acthrel Sponsor:   National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Recruiting
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Conditions:   Stroke;   Mastication Disorder;   Temporomandibular Disorders;   Dysphagia;   Stomatognathic Diseases Intervention:   Other: Expiratory muscle training Sponsor:   Abant Izzet Baysal University Recruiting
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